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Boris team rejects criticism over LGB advisory panel

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Reader comments

  1. Sister Mary Clarence 8 Jul 2008, 6:20pm

    Of course Pav’s outrage has got nothing whatsoever to do with him being a Labour Party member and Boris being a Conservative – he has of course only got our interests at heart.

    I didn’t hear him hooting from the rooftops when Nicky Gavron (Labour) deputy mayor under Ken Livingston did nothing in response to her research assistant spreading false accusations of paedophilia against a gay Lib Dem opponent, despite her having been found guilty in court (twice). Hardly conducive creating positive images of the gay community.

    Nor, I note, did he feel the need to open his mouth in indignation as (light-fingered) Lee Jasper and his friends embezzled millions from the LDA …. (allegedly) …. to spend on holidays, alcohol and tarts, at the expense of many of Mr Akhtar’s young, out of work and disaffected constituents. I can’t help wondering how many of the kids we have had plastered across our newspapers this year with a knife in the kidneys or a bullet hole in the head, might have enjoyed a happier fate if money that should have been channelled towards providing them more positive life outcomes for them had actually be used for that rather than being plundered Pav’s Labour buddies.

  2. It’s odd to find myself agreeing with Sister Mary!

    My first thought was – what a peculiar selection of people. “The panel which was chaired by Ben Summerskill, chief executive of Stonewall, included Linda Bellos of Black Lesbians UK, Jackie Lewis of trade union UNISON, Lynsey River of Polari, the older people’s LGBT network, Brenda Ellis of REGARD, a disabled LGBT group and Mr Akhtar in his role as Chair of Imaan, a Muslim LGBT group.”

    Given Pav’s other role as a Labour councillor, Stonewall’s fine tradition of being cheerleaders for Labour, Linda Bellos’ long track record in Labour, the likely affiliation at a wild guess of a UNISON rep… it does start to look like this was actually just a Labour Buddies Talking Shop.

    Further it looks like there was no-one from any trans or bi organisations, perhaps they might be a bit too inclined to considering there be more than two options in life and thus be dangerously likely to vote Liberal!

  3. I say lets give Boris a chance instead of harping on about the things he said or did in the past. And I fail to see how the existing ‘panel’ could realistically represent the views of the wider LGBT community. There are many ‘community forums’ that can honestly claim to represent the views of their LGBT community.

    Those like me who work to provide a service to the LGBT community have long-regarded the Mayors LGBT panel as having very little direct influence (let’s face it, Ken did whatever he wanted to anyway).

    Ken Livingstone was very good at talking the talk….. I feel that Boris will be far better at walking the walk.

  4. Justin Hinchcliffe 9 Jul 2008, 9:12am

    This is music to my ears! Ken Livingstone and the Labour Party like to put people into boxes. We don’t want this, thank you very much.

    And it should be no surprise that Boris has axed this Marxist-led grouping. Gay men and women want cleaner, greener and safer streets – not endless politically correct non-representative groups like the “LGBT Advisory Panel”. Three cheers for Boris!

  5. Bob Smith 9 Jul 2008, 9:34am

    You can hardly claim that Boris ‘ voting record showed opposition to LGBT equality, rather perhaps ambivilence to the debate if anything. Voting against gay adoption – a position taken by many LGBs I know – and not being there to vote for other measures, is more than balanced out by voting to repeal Section 28 and in favour of civil partnerships.

    Perhaps it could be argued that endlessly obsessing with ‘minority’ groups entrenches a minority mind set. We are all part of the big melting pot that is London; we use the same hospitals, drive on the same roads, and attempt to find a seat on the same Tubes…..It’s time we stop looking at all LGBs – and ethnic miorities etc – merely as another repressed minority, instead part of one big nation united together

  6. Never Kissed a Tory 9 Jul 2008, 10:17am

    Hey – Tories posting comments? That’s a surprise. Boris is an old fashioned nasty Tory. He sat on his yacht and abolished cheap travel for London’s poor. He walked on Pride but abolished consultating us. There will be plenty more to come, but that will just let us say “told you so”. Hardly any LGBT people voted for Johnson, so it was an embarrassment to have him shambling at the front of our march.

  7. Sista'hood 9 Jul 2008, 10:39am

    The LGB Advisory Panel had been in place since 2007 and was advising Mayor Ken Livingstone on issues to do with the LGB community and housing, policing, transport and skills development. It was a focused, strategic group that included a cross-section of community based LGB people with standing and active involvement in the LGBT community. Their role was not political (most of the panel had no party political affiliation) it was to LGB equality impact assess Ken Livingstone’s policies.

    This independent Advisory Panel’s constructive comments would then be taken on board and Mayor Ken Livingstone would adapt his policies accordingly. How is that a bad thing? And why should Boris think that having community-based LGBT groups advising on his policies is a bad thing? Having some gay staff at the GLA is not a susbstitute because they CANNOT speak out when Mayor Boris proposes policies that hurt gay people! That’s why you need non-GLA people.

    Also, what’s the deal with expecting Pav to speak out about anything and everything that happens in the world – who cares what he thinks? However, when something happens to an Advisory Panel on which he is directly involved, then I think he’s perfectly entitled to speak out and say what he thinks about that.

    Boris ought to know that the gay community is watching him.

  8. Sista'hood 9 Jul 2008, 11:01am

    Actually, just re-reading some of the absurd comments from Sister Mary Clarence, why shouldn’t Labour people be allowed to comment on protecting LGBT rights? She appears to have overlooked the fact that it is Labour which has delivered massive LGBT equality and progress by reversing the disgraceful attacks on LGBT people ignored or introduced by… the Conservatives! Remember, civil partnerships, repeal of Section 28, protection of gay people in the provision of goods, services and facilities were not Tory policies.

    PS Sister Mary Clarence, your habit is grubby.

  9. I live in Westminster which has remained Conservative for centuries. The general approach to governemnt in this borough is one of sober middle management with a huge emphasis on efficiency for low cost. There is little if any engagement with social ideas such as seen in left wing boroughs.
    Looking at Westminster will be a good indicator of the sort of government Boris is trying to craft.
    The centre right language of tory government is much happier thinking of itself as non-political business minded efficiency which of course is ludicrous because politics is politics and not business.
    The result is that basic public services in Westminster are amazingly efficient and cost effective – but their is no proliferation beyond this point, civil service jobs do go, engagement with diverse populations is a laughable self deluded veneer often in the form of a periodic well designed expensive PR booklet or leaflet telling everyone how the council does like & care for minority services but not really anything more than an encouraging affirmation. Also the council keeps a rigerous control on issues around town planning and private/ public sector business proposals. I think this is what Boris intends for London.

    However in the case of the dropping of this panel – it would be nice us a gay person to know more about what this panel’s purpose was for, how it differs from the other LBGT meetings that will be reatined . How cani be expected to form an opinion about his judgement if an body representing me hasn’t the presence of mind to inform those it prepresents as to it’s value and intent ?

  10. Sister Mary Clarence 9 Jul 2008, 6:59pm

    Sista’hood, I have no problem Labour people commenting on protecting our rights, however, his comments aren’t about protecting our rights they are getting a name check for the Labour Party in the press and nothing more than that.

    I worked for the Labour Party during the era when you claim that they delivered massive LGBT equality and progress, however each and every one of the rights we gained were gifts from Europe and the introduction of each and every one of them was carefully timed to appease the gay community and simultaneously anyone in the rest of society that did not agree with them We, on the one hand, were fed the notion that the Labour Party was introducing equality legislation because of a deep rooted believe it has in equality, while those that opposed the legislation were told that it was being forced on us by Europe.

    I worked for years helping to produce the shite that you seem to have swallowed hook line and sinker. The integrity of the Labour Party as a whole is very much under a microscope at the moment and they are showing themselves to be as shabby as any other government before them. Its always had to admit you’ve been duped but I’m glad that more and more people are now coming to realise that New Labour was just a little too good to be true.

    Labour have nothing left to give us, if they did, they would have done so long ago, its time for the gay community to move on and get everything we can out of the Conservatives. Labour have lost the next two elections and quite possibly a third, there is no advantage whatsoever to be had in siding with a confidence trickster that’s just been caught out.

  11. “Hardly any LGBT people voted for Johnson”..??? What utter rubbish – loads of my gay friends voted for Boris – what saddo socialist worker planet is ‘Never kissed a Tory’ on? Just soooo last century! Sorry chum – the world has moved on, younger generations of gay Britons are natural Tories and refuse to conform to the tired old 80s class-war dinosaur politics that are about as relevant to 2008 as the mangle or the cassette recorder! Blue is the new gay! We love Boris!

  12. Hello Eddy!

    You sound remarkably similar in tone to the one Gay Tory I’ve met! Maybe you are the same person!?? I would say I know about 50-100 lesbians and gay, bisexual and transgendered people and I know of none who proudly declared they would be voting Boris. ( maybe they were too embarrassed?) Boris’ record on voting says it all really. He’s simply not committed to equality for LGBT people. The fact that we was at the front of the parade was nothing short of scandalous. I’m no socialist btw. I just am a strong believer of liberty and freedom for ALL people.

  13. The simple fact is that Boris’s just doesn’t have a commitment to LGBT equality. You only have to look at his voting record. The fact that he was allowed to walk in front of the march was nothing short of scandalous.

    As for a new generation of Gay People- How sad is that scenario? Deluded I’m afraid. Eddy sounds just like the only other Gay Tory I’ve met.

  14. Sista'hood 10 Jul 2008, 3:40pm

    Eddy: Get a life.. Better still get a boy/girlfriend.

    Sister Mary Clarence: Re-read the legislative programme to re-acquaint yourself with what Labour has actually delivered on the gay equality agenda during its 11 years in government, and then compare that to the record of the Tory Party (and Boris Johnson), then let’s have a talk. Sister to Sista.

    As for taking your advice on developing amnesia about who it is that has actually delivered on gay rights for LGBT people (i.e. the Labour Party) just because Cameron and his cronies may win the next General Election? i think you’ve been too long in the convent sister, and this strategy suggests why you’re now advocating for the Tories. May God forgive you your trespasses.

  15. Julian Morrison 10 Jul 2008, 10:47pm

    “No one I know voted for Nixon”. You didn’t pick the people you associate with at random, so you shouldn’t expect them to be representative.

  16. Sister Mary Clarence 11 Jul 2008, 7:11pm

    I’m well aware of it Sista’hood, but you might want to start by reading the Treaty of Amsterdam. I think you might find it quite illuminating and you might want to ask yourself why did the many equalities enshrined in it take so long to reach Britain.

    While you’re at it, ask yourself why we are not offering safe sanctuary to those claiming asylum from regimes that repress gay people. Oh, f**k me, it isn’t yet written down in European legislation sufficiently watertight that we have to and therefore your Labour chums move hell and high water to make sure we don’t, wherever they can avoid it.

    Maybe you can also talk us through Ruth Kelly’s appointment as Minister for Homophobia …. or no, sorry Equality.

    Perhaps you could clarify why Nicky Gavron steadfastly failed to dismiss Miranda Grell, after she was stripped of her public office having waged a homophobic, hate campaign against a Lib Dem councillor, resulting in the utter destruction of his life and causing him to flee his home in fear of being beaten to death.

    Pleas also offer some explanation of Gordon Brown’s welcome of Tory defector Quentin Davies into the Labour party. To quote Gordon Brown, “Quentin Davies is a senior parliamentarian and he commands respect on all sides for his expertise and his dedication to public service, and I welcome him to the new Labour Party.”. Quentin, of course being one of the most gay-hating MPs in parliament, who left the Tories because they we no longer far enough to the right for him.

    You clearly have only a cursory grasp of politics Sista, and little concept of how far to the right New Labour have swung, betraying the ideals and philosophies every socialist government before them has held true.

    Their attacks on rights enshrined in the British justice system, like their attempt to remove the right to trial by jury, would have adversely affected everyone, gay and straight, but would likely have been harsher on gay people. Some eighty-five year old High Court judge is likely to have very different views on the rights and wrongs of a gay lifestyle compared to a jury of your peers.

    Labour did however manage to pass possibly the most dangerous piece of legislation that any of us will see in our lifetimes, which will undoubtedly come to haunt us unless it is repealed. The Civil Contingencies Act, passed in 2004, has been likened by Lord Lucas to Hitler’s Enabling Act. To quote him, “… Are we opening up our system to the equivalent of what happened in Germany in 1933, when it became possible for an extreme party legitimately to hijack a democracy and turn it into something totalitarian?”

    Ask yourself why any democratic government would seek such powers.

    Ask yourself why Labour were beaten into fifth place by the Conservatives, by the Lib Dems, by the Greens and by the BNP. The only glimmer of good news in the by election was that they picked up 700 more votes than the Monster Raving Loony.

    Loyalty is all well and good Sista, and usually to be commended, but you need to open your eyes. New Labour are now so mired in scandal, it beggars belief that they have the front in continue in office and to be frank it beggars belief that you should be here rattling their campaign tin.

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