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Budapest police praised by Pride organisers

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Reader comments

  1. Sister Mary Clarence 7 Jul 2008, 1:31pm

    “The police protection was especially welcomed as the Budapest chief of police had originally tried to ban Pride, claiming that it would interfere with traffic”

    1. …. SWAT officers called in from all over Hungary ….
    2. …. neo-Nazi mob had beaten up the performer ….
    3. …. police were forced to use tear gas and a water cannon to clear the route ….
    4. …. marchers were then escorted by police to nearby metro station ….
    5. Four individual counter attacks were launched against protesters ….

    Whilst I’m all for a good Pride march, in defence of the police chief, you can see where he was coming from I think.

  2. I argue with Gabor, the most important thing is that state is on the side of human rights marchers,that state give sanctions on the actions of fascists.The homophobs are sick people,who just knows for hate of minorities,and only adecvate sanctions will normalize them!
    I hope that Budapest will have peacful marches again!

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