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Police fire water cannons at fascists attacking Budapest Pride

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Reader comments

  1. I think this is to do with History and events.
    Just like gay political reform, when it comes , it does not mean that over night the whole gay population suddenly is reformed and updated in each individual’s attitude to the world. The same with Eastern Europe. Just because it has politically integrated, it does not mean that years of cultural isolation and oppression of even the most basic democratic discourses doesn’t leave a lasting effect beyond the moment of change.

    Hungary is an odd country, often appearing like some kind of dormant or sleeping old giant and if anything it’s useful to actually hear something of the inner societal content which characterisies it’s attitude today. It has cultivated a tradition of non-self expression since world war 2 and perhaps by expressing it’s inner social tensions it could reform itself by responding to it’s own history again.

    These riots and confrontations across the southern region of the former eastern block are significant. They are symptomatic of an uneuropeanised (in the western sense) prevailing attitude, a culture steeped in a profoundly ancient rural and often poor , Catholic ,Orthodox and insular perspective. Even in an apparently cosmopolitan and exoctic city like Budapest, these National attiudes make themselves present. It would suggest that though Budapest looks sophisticated it may yet be behind other cities like Prague, which have established strong contemporary urban development and cultural alterations away from it”s past.

    If anything we are going to have to show patience of the reality. But within that patient atttitude the struggle to protect and instate the rights of indiividuals must continue.