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EXCLUSIVE: Boris committed to future Pride London parades

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Reader comments

  1. “A large group of photographers, desperate to get a shot of Boris surrounded by gay Londoners, mobbed him as the parade attempted to move off from Baker St.”

    I was one of those photographers, and most of us there were professionals and behaved accordingly, in a professional and courteous manner. However, the Pride organisers were officious, unhelpful and at times downright rude. They kept us pushed back at least 20ft away from the front of the parade, physically pulling us back if we got too close, and generally got in the way, preventing many of us taking decent shots.

    I spoke to a number of the other photographers who all felt the amateurish, pushy attitude of the directors and stewards was way over the top. Pride needs publicity to keep it going forward, and therefore needs people like us to help promote it. If this happens in future years, they can guarantee the media just won’t bother coming and the parade will just disappear into obscurity.

  2. I was one of the people in the lead group of the parade. The paparazzi were so desperate for shots of Boris that they were out of control. I saw at least one photographer, come within a sliver of what can be described as physical assualting a female security guard

    All along the route the photographers tried to obstruct and halt the parade to get their shots (no sure how many shots they need as he was walking with the same people down the road). I think the stewarding people coped really well in difficult circumstances and I think the photographers need to be calmer and help rather than hinder the parade.

  3. I was in the front group of the parade and I think I have a different view on this. The scrum of photographers were out of control at the start and had to be physically restrained by the police. I saw at least one photographer come close to what i can only describe as assualt on a female steward.

    The stewards did a great job as the photographers all the way along the route obstructed and delayed the parade – they even moved out of the way at regular angles to ensure shots could be taken.

    I think its a bit of give and take needed on both sides and the photgraphers need to realise that the parade isnt just a photo opportunity it has to move safely and in good time down the street.

    It was a great, great day and there are loads of great photos so I think it all worked out good for everyone!

  4. Well, surely the best way to avoid all this chaos as described by Rob, David and Neal above, is for the Pride organisers to arrange a photo-call for a few minutes at the start of the route?? Is it really that important to get a unique shot of Boris linking with the lesbian rapper at Pall Mall as opposed to Oxford Street…? Or, a spectator stand especially for the press at a couple of points along the route? It seems the arrangements of this year’s pride are akin to letting the press onto the pitch at a football match…..

  5. “Due to family commitments Mr Johnson was unable to stay and make a speech” – Was that his commitment to the nuclear family and his history of homophobia?

  6. Was that his commitment to the nuclear family and his history of homophobia?

    Er, it was more likely to do with his father-in-law dying a couple of days ago

  7. He couldn’t stop and give a speech due to his father in law dying a couple of days ago. Fair enough.

    Interestingly though, he and his wife managed to ringfence a few hours at this difficult time to watch the Wimbledon Final on Sunday.

    I’m just saying….

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