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Tories will walk with Boris at their first Pride London

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Reader comments

  1. Gavin French 4 Jul 2008, 4:07pm

    It’s actually totally inaccurate to say that the Conservative Party has never participated in London Pride. The Party’s former gay group, TORCHE (The Tory campaign for Homosexual Equality)took part in the parade and had a stall at Pride festivals over many years. My own first involvement in this respect was back in the dark days of 1997, shortly after Tony Blair’s election victory.

    I welcome what Anastasia is doing with LGB Tory, but the party has a proud record of members actively participating in gay politics and eventsgoing back to the mid-1970’s.

    Gavin French (former Chairman, TORCHE)

  2. It seems that the Tory group is the same as we have here in America, but we call them the Log Cabin Republicans. Personally, I can understand why any LGBT person would back up such a party, even George W. Bush refused to accept money from them. That is what I would call a slap in the face and yet they are still hanging in there!

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