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Tabloid attack on Armed Forces at Pride London is “misinformed”

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Reader comments

  1. Alex Keel 6 Jul 2008, 7:09am

    I have already lodged a formal complaint to press complaint commission about the offending article, as well as posted critical comment to the sun.

    I was aghast and find that the simpler readership of the sun will use this to incite further homophobic crimes.

  2. I’d feel more comfortable about a ‘military prescence’ at Pride if the armed forces in Iraq could put an end to the daily assaults / murders of LGBT Iraqis that have been taking place ever the since the American / British invasion destabilised the country!

    At the moment I’m ashamed of our military for creating a situation in Iraq that has led to the violent execution of scores of LGBT people. -OUR PEOPLE!!!

    So if they want to attend Pride perhaps they should march at the back!…

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