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Transgender man gives birth to baby girl

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Reader comments

  1. They are living proof that love is what matters. Would your partner carry a child for you the way this man does? Would they stand by you, face all bitter accusations from the people who will never understand or will never be bothered to get to know who you really are. People who are so ready with hurtful words and insults, branding you as freaks or monsters as if they have all walk all their lifetime with a halo over their head. It does not matter if he is a transgender. What matters is, it is all about love. The love for the partner, the love for the child, the love for the family. I envy them that they are fortunate to have so much love for each other amidst all these hate surrounding them. For those who, especially their family members who have been branding them with whatever insults that comes to mind, can you do what he has does for his wife & vice versa? It’s just too easy to point fingers at others and calling them names. Understand that just because you do not have the courage or desire to love certain way, doesn’t mean others are not allowed the freedom to love the way they do. If you can’t bendover backwards for your love ones, don’t forbide or exclude others who can.

    A woman in love with her woman