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McDonald’s defiant as homophobes call for boycott

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Reader comments

  1. Sister Mary Clarence 4 Jul 2008, 4:29pm

    For all they are slated, clearly they have a little more interity than those spineless f**kers at Heinz

  2. You deserve to hate today. So get up and get away, from McDonalds…

    I should have known. The red lips, the red hair, that perennial smile and happy mood. Ronald McDonald seduced me as a child with his Big Mac meat, talk of soft buns, loads of secret sauce with a promise of readily available condiments.

    And the hot, oiled, salty fries sliding down my throat – that had me coming back for more, again and again.

    Nature? Nurture? No! Billions served and ready to convert the next generation. Every one has done it, at least once.

    What “toys” will I find in those happy meals today?

    I don’t even leave my car, but drive thru, talk into that little speaker, giving orders to local high school boys who quickly and happily comply.

    Thanks AFA. Takes a fast-food lunch to a whole other level.

    And, there is that “Big Breakfast” with sausage… ohhhhhhhhh, yes!

    It would be the perfect romance, if the counterman and I could just share a cigarette afterward.

    P.S. This ain’t no agenda. It’s a franchise in every American town and village! Get over it! There’s always the buggery King or KFC to take the kiddies to.

  3. Perhaps if there are enough gay kisses on TV, it might raise the collective blood pressure of these lemon faced puritans to the point at which they keel over and meet their maker.

  4. WalMart and Heinz should hang their collective heads in shame. Not only have they proved their spineless credentials but they have capitulated to a bunch of God freaks, no more than 1.5 million, even though they claim to number close to four million.Both company’s should be aware that the approximate gay population of the USA is around 28 million. Add to that about another 700million around the world, and all spending their “Pink £ $ €s” elsewhere.The morons in the head offices of these company’s and others who may follow them,, will soon get the message. Queers/Fags can use the bully card too and will not hesitate in doing so. We silenced the vile anita bryant (lowercase intentional)and we will deal with these cowards in a similar manner.And finally to the AFA, There were Gay/Homosexuals before the Nazi organization that yours is emerged from the depths of evil,and indeed before religion and there will be Gays/Homosexuals long after your all gone and all but forgotten,save for the memory of the evil you tried to perpetuate.

  5. I rarely eat fast food, but McDonald’s defiance in the face of bigotry is commendable, and I will make a point of enjoying one of their cheeseburgers this week.

    It’s time people realised the AFA and other religious fanatics are punching way above their weight. Even the Republican party in America is realising it. THe more desperate they become, the more vocal they become. Bullying corporations is their loast hope.

    HERE’S JUST AN IDEA – In the 1980’s there was I recall, a collective called Artists United Against Apartheid (‘sun city’, ?1985). Well, maybe it’s time we saw a ‘Corporations United Against Hatred’? (a statement such as ‘we are proud to support our customers whatever sexual orientation, and have contempt for bigoted organisations who seek to influence our communications policy with these groups…’.
    * If the major telecommunications organisations, and car makers signed up to it – you would immobilise the Christian Right: they would have to boycott the lot.
    * You only need a handful of global paper mills to do the same (UPM, Stora Enso, Smurfitt Kappa, IP,Kimberly Clark….), to prevent the from using toilet roll for reasons of conscience.

    Maybe this is pie in the sky: but all it took was one black person on a bus in 1955, to stand up for equality. It took a few East Germans to walk over the Hungarian border to Austria in early 1989….

    A goodwill message from Taco Bell, KFC and Burger King’s CEOs would be a nice start. And just maybe, they will realise they are dealing with a paper tiger……

  6. Dennis Hambridge 7 Jul 2008, 9:21pm

    Well done Mcdonalds and Roland, not only are the Gay Community right behind you but all Human Rights Campaigners to.
    Perhaps you could put a notice on your windows “BIGOTS KEEP OUT”

  7. Stephan van der Merwe 8 Jul 2008, 10:29am

    Wasn’t hard of course, but is great to know that McD’s stance about sexual orientation and the right to be different in an open free society is a hell of a lot more wholesome then those burgers they sell!! As non-American it is rather ironic to note that the McD’s-logo can now truly be said to be one of the very few remaining symbols of American freedom! Freedom, as that logo reminds us entails the right to eat crap food no matter whether others might think it bad for one’s health or not! Viva McDonald’s Viva Freedom!

  8. Personally, I can’t stand McDonald’s (or any other fast food restaurant for that matter- the way they treat animals is horrific), but I applaud them for sticking to their decision. The AFA needs to wake up and smell the cheap coffee- all they’re doing is making themselves, and other Christians, look ridiculous. Wal-mart is spineless.

  9. Thank God A Corperation thats Not Afraid of the Moral Majoity( or @ least the ones who CLAIM To be moral…)They would be Hard Pressed to Do ANY REAL Damage (Try Not Going to Wal-Mart) IT will Cost you We Don’t tell them what to Do in their Bedroom.What are they PEEPING TOMS, Get out Kudos to McDonalds

  10. I knew I loved McDonalds! Now I can stop going to Wally world (Walmart) and of course write all about it!

  11. Lang Thang 1 Aug 2008, 3:22am

    [quote]The anti-gay AFA claims that the multi-national restaurant chain is “refusing to remain neutral in the culture wars.”[/quote]

    LGBT do not make any war. If there is any war, it absolutely been create by the one who said about it

  12. Congratulations to McDonald’s. I rarely go to a fast food restaurant. I’ll have to stop in and just get a diet soda or salad. The AFA claims to be family oriented. I wonder how many have been divorced or cheat on their spouses. I find those that most promote “the family” have often been divorced one or two times and are not opposed to cheating on their spouses, many times with someone of the same gender.

  13. I go to McDonald’s all the time anyway, as it’s condidered a classy restaurant here in the West of Scotland, and when I first read this headline I misunderstood and thought McD’s were the homophobes. You don’t know how relieved I was to read the article and find out that they were pro-gay and I can keep dining at this fine establisment. I didn’t know about Wal-Mart, though, I’m boycotting Asda from now on.

  14. Timothy (TRiG) 20 Jan 2010, 5:58am

    There are many excellent reasons to boycott McDonalds, and I certainly won’t be eating there. The AFA find the one good thing McDonalds are doing, and are suddenly outraged. Is any clearer demonstration needed of the moral vacuity of the Christian Right?

    As for this excellent quote: We support out employees’ personal involvement in organisations of their choice, do McDonald’s not support closeted employees? Or is that a typo for our?


    1. That is a typo for “our”.

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