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Kids should be taught about gay equality says TUC chief

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Reader comments

  1. I fully support this move. I came from a girl’s school in Malaysia where the lesbians were not view as freaks (within my classmates anyways)and it was back in 1993. Which is of course really is a big deal. I think kids need to be made to understand and reflect that not everything is to be seen from the heterosexual’s lens alone. Adults can be really cruel and unfortunately it shapes the child’s perception of what’s right or wrong. Gay guy are not sissies and lesbians are not hot items (view in a pornographic way) For instance, the transgender issue. I have befriended few transgenders and our society have been judgemental on them. People forget that the transgenders are also human, that they do not want to be prostitutes or hair styling / make up artiste, that they have dreams just like you and me but because of discrimination, they are subjected to do what it takes to survive in this world. Society has reduced them to nothing but marriage breaker, freaks. What would you do if no one is to employ you knowing you are a transsexual? Wouldn’t you end up being in the same position too? Let’s hope with education, it will promote a more LGBT tolerant world.

    a woman in love with her woman