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Stonewall research highlights business case for supporting LGB staff

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Reader comments

  1. As an out bisexual woman I find it disappointing that the report on the research has dropped bisexuals from the news item after their first mention. I don’t know if Ben forgot us or the reporter did. This is typical of the invisibility that makes it more difficult for bisexual people to be out or be supported in the workplace.

    On a more positive note, its great that some businesses can recognise the value of supporting their staff, and reap the productivity benefits in return.

  2. I had a similar response to Kay, and I imagine it’s not a PinkNews subedit as this website tends to be good on “B” stuff.

    If Stonewall did “more than one hundred in-depth interviews with lesbian, gay and bisexual people”, and found that employing LG people was a boon, did they find out anything about employing bis? Was it the same, or better, or worse?

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