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Budapest gay sauna attacked with petrol bombs

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Reader comments

  1. Can they contact the US server hosts and ask that the site be blocked? It would be a start to end this nasty shit.

  2. What is the purpose of gay pride parades? Is it only to annoy people?
    Is it to provoke attacks and manipulate the media?
    If gays feel they don’t have equal rights, they should protest like normal people,
    they can march and yell things and show signs and whatever.
    If gays want to have an all out picnic, they should not be doing it in the center of a city, go away where you can do your thing without disturbing others.
    Parades will not get you any friends, and most people will never get used to obscene exhibitionism, regardless of sexual orientation.
    Tone it down, or be prepared to face the consequences. Hungary is divided by many hostile ethnic and political groups, we don’t need another one. Try to show similarities not differences and no one will go after you. How simple is that?

  3. gay parades uses for call for tolerance and visibility of lgbt people,it is not some exhibition where someone show ass!If parade goes without disturbing by fascists ,it is a sign that soceity is tolerant,plural,and that every individual have secure and safe in everyday life,that individual is ,on the value scale ,before the collective,its not important if that collective is in the form of nation,state….!
    I would like to budapest,and hungary at all, keeps the status of one of the most liberal societas in europe!dont give jobbik to become mainstream of hungary!

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