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Young men among groups most at risk from HIV infection

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Reader comments

  1. Well this should certainly be required reading for The Terence Higgins Trust’s pompous spin merchant, Will Nuthead (sorry, Nutland), who had this to say in the latest Gay Times:

    “Regarding Dr. Chrisian Jessen’s article on HIV prevention campaigns (GT 356), to state that ‘nearly half of new HIV infections in the UK occur among people aged 15 to 24’ is untrue… If we’re going to have a rational debate about HIV prevention for gay men, let’s have one based on evidence.”

    These people are supposed to be preventing HIV spreading in our community, yet after 25 years in business they still clearly don’t know their arses from their elbows. Oh, and definitely don’t hold your breath for an apology, Dr. Chris, even though your words of enlightenment on HIV prevention are pearls of wisdom compared to what spews forth from the THT ad nauseum.

    Dr. Chris, of course, only works on the front line of the fight against HIV, and is one of many brave specialists handing out HIV-positive readings to clueless, uninformed 18-year-olds – the products of years of innefective, politically correct HIV campaigns devised by clueless academics that have no medical training or informed medical insight. Therefore you would expect someone of his standing to know what he is saying based on no agenda or profit motive other than to keep gay men HIV-free and healthy. Compare to Will Nutland who just a year ago who was busy flogging PEP to gay teens on youth web site Puffta instead of dispensing safe sex advice, so to hell with the facade of THT working to prevent unsafe sex; as managers and commodifiers of the virus they consistently bolt the stable door long after the horse has bolted and so continue to keep big pharma happy bunnies, no doubt to secure their continue funding! THT excels at HIV management because that’s where its bread is buttered. It simply isn’t in business to prevent and stamp out HIV in our community, because if it did, its millions in funding would dry up overnight.

    So, once and for all, let’s drop all pretence of THT being preventers of HIV and accept that their mission is to sustain the virus; that is their business model and that is what they do best.