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EU survey finds gays face discrimination across Europe

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 Jul 2008, 1:07pm

    What does the EU expect where roman catholicism and and its sister cult greek orthodoxy reign in those countries, notorious institutes of hate, oppression and bigotry, among others. I use initial lower case when referring to either, among others since I have not one iota of respect for any of them. They’ve yet to earn it!

  2. I have my doubts about making too much of each country’s self perception of its own homophobia as it distrorts. the diea for example that the Republic of Ireland is less discrinnatory than the UK is odd, to say the least, considering that the RoI has no civil partnerships, much greater (though happily decreasing) influence of the Church of Rome and no intention of allowing gay adoption or IVF for gay families. better in my opinion to rely on objective surveys of concrete issues.

  3. Vassil (WOI) 3 Jul 2008, 4:30am

    I second Harry’s opinion: studies of self-perception are only indicative of the degree of awareness about a problem, not of the magnitude of the problem itself. As a citizen (and former resident) of Bulgaria, I find the idea that Bulgarian society is in any way more LGBT tolerant than, say, Sweden or the Netherlands, absurd! If we follow the logic of the (clueless?) oppressor, we would also agree there was never racism in Apartheid societies or political prisoners in totalitarian ones!

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