While Democratic eyes seem peeled solely on whether Barack Obama will name Hillary Clinton his Vice Presidential running mate for a so called “dream ticket,” one name keeps getting repeated over and over again in John McCain circles: Mitt Romney.

Queerty.com reports that Romney’s name is creeping up McCain’s list of potential running mates, the only potential spoiler, the site reports, is a clash of personalities.

Still, Politico.com reports that Romney has the potential to be a serious contender for the seat because of his ability to raise a lot of money, quickly, from former business partners and through the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-Day Saints.

According to the Website, a McCain insider predicted Romney could raise up to $50 million (£36m) in two months.

Queerty.com posits that Romney would also be a score among conservative Republicans and faith based voters, suggesting its time for Democrats to remind Republicans of Romney’s flip-flop on gay rights.

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