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Homosexuality not a mental disorder, just an abomination says Iris

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  1. Iris Robinson is a mental disorder AND an abomination says Nick.

  2. It must be so gratifying that Iris has lived a life free of sin, that she can take the moral high ground and cast her judgement on others…………….Oh hold on….. isn’t being hateful a sin, or would this be considered selective religious beliefs? One day she will be judged for something and I can be sure that she will not like it. f

  3. No Matt, according to her, she’s doing the ultimate loving act of good, by trying to stop us from heading into hell-fire. :-) She’s sincere to the core – just slightly deluded…….

  4. Ultimate act of loving good……………. deluded is one word, spawn of satan in a bad Anthea Turner wig is another. We could counter with us being made in ‘Gods’ image and that only he can judge us, but since she more than likely has the joy joy down in her heart (if she has one) she will simply ignore any comments. We all sin, I have sinned at least five times since I woke up. But since she is saving us from the fires of hell, there is a special place for her when she passes. Thinking the local dump would be a good choice!

  5. Join the list – email your address to us to be informed of other mad politicans and media figures – help us fight them.

  6. Padriag Moran 1 Jul 2008, 3:58pm

    “She’s sincere to the core – just slightly deluded”

    Perhaps, but isn’t the road to hell paved with good intention? No, I don’t think sincere is an excuse for this weapon… this woman is just an offensive idiot, a legacy dinosaur from the days of witch-hunts and inquisitions.

  7. Would Pink News like to publish exactly just how much money Mrs Robinson and her husband and their various relations draw from Parliamentary funds as salary and operating expenses.It is an astonishing amount of money not far short of a £1,000,000 a year as I remember.Loudmouthed and virulent prejudice is a well-paid occupation in the bigot-factory that is Northern Ireland.Of course in the context of her remarks lies the paradox that Sinn Fein is the foremost political party supporting gay rights in the Northern Irish province which is eloquent of its independance from Rome.

  8. Absolutely Padraig: you know where you stand with her. As you do with Fred Phelps, Bin Laden and Margaret Thatcher. Sincerity does not necessitate morality…..

  9. Why continue to give her the “oxygen of publicity”. Her views and those of her kind are well known. Who cares any more?
    Thanks for you silly remarks, Ms Robinson, now just sit down, shut up and keep them to yourself in future. It’s not as though they had any originality to them at all.

  10. PS Love the one about the “bad Anthea Turner wig”. She probably thinks it looks
    great! Trendy!

  11. Sincerity and morality are two traits that should be common of human beings, neither of which can be found in this woman ( I use that term very loosely)I am a gay man, I also have morals and would hope that I am sincere if not all the time. Her time is running out fast, the wig will be on the green of Stormont and soon if the first minister has any sense!

    P.s Am particularly proud of my Anthea comment, having a little chuckle thinking about it :O)

  12. Ok – so, in her view (which she is entitled to, obviously) – homosexuality is an abomination. Fine, then she shouldn’t be a lesbian. What has that got to do with anyone else?

    I wish these fundamentalists would practice their putrid acts of poor thinking behind closed doors and in private, instead of parading them flamboyantly in public! The Shame.

  13. Iris Robinson is back pedalling now for the 2012 London Olympics. By mentioning her “lovely psychiatrist and the work he does to turn homosexuals around from what they are engaged in” certainly implies that she does indeed believe that all homosexuals need psychiatric treatment. Then in another breath she refers to all homosexuals as an abomination. Dr Millar please change Iris Robinson’s medication she has lost the plot now. Folks keep signing the petition and keep the pressure on her to shut up and go away!

  14. William - Dublin 2 Jul 2008, 3:14pm

    Well, I think that Iris should go back to that “lovely psychiatrist” she knows so well, and see if she can have him help her with her stupidity.

    I mean, stupid people should never be discriminated against, that would be wrong, but lets face it, stupidity is an abomination. Why should intelligent people like me have to live in a world where stupid people allowed to flaunt their intellectual deficiencies it in my face all the time? I makes me sick. Really, they are entitled to be stupid, but please, do it behind closed doors with other stupid people. Next she’ll want stupid people to be able to marry and have normal lives and raise even stupider children.

    Lets hope this “lovely psychiatrist” can help Iris suppress and overcome this lifestyle choice of stupidity, because God is pretty pissed off by idiots – It says so in the bible – Chronicles 21:8, “I have sinned greatly by doing this. Now, I beg you, take away the guilt of your servant. I have done a very foolish thing.”

  15. I would urge people to either write or e mail the Northern Ireland Health Minister Mr Michael McGimpsey and complain about Iris Robinson MLA and the nasty things she said about gay people as a chairwoman of the NI Assembly Health Committee. Make it known to him her position as Committee chairwoman is now untenable in light of these outrageous comments and she should resign from her position. Send the e mail to; or you can write to him at;
    Michael McGimpsey MLA, NI Assembly Health Minister, Parliament Buildings, Belfast, BT4 3XX.

  16. godless and thankful for that 3 Jul 2008, 5:05am

    What do you expect from an institutionlised religion that represses sex right across the board. If it isn’t procreation for the sole purpose of breeding more followers – then sex/sexuality and sensual pleasure is a sin. When did their god give them the right to abide by a set of their own laws when it comes to protecting the image of a rightous life in the eyes of god! Did their god tell priests, clergy and brides of christ to take a paid holiday for sexually molesting children in their care. Church is very vocal when it comes to that issue concerning others outside of god’s factory. God’s followers are the abomination and views like this addled religious pimp just comes down to the core of her faith…………false, misleading and self serving!

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