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Did a gay just qualify for the 100m final at US Olympic trials?

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Reader comments

  1. Well what do your expect? – the wankers!

  2. elizabethveldon 1 Jul 2008, 8:25pm

    and on the anaversery of the American bombings of Japanise cities? ‘Enola Homosexual.’ Adds a whole new meaning to ‘little boy’ (the pet name of the bomb droped on Hiroshema.)

  3. andrew Fowler 2 Aug 2008, 8:44am

    damn christians

  4. LOL That just made my morning! If it’s possible to involuntarily snort breakfast cereal while convulsing with laughter I just did something similar!

  5. Haha, priceless.

  6. Andrew Fowler: How is a comment like yours any better than a similar incoherent spluttering like “damn queers”? Both reflect a troglodyte gutter-mentality. There are stupid, prejudiced Christians, and there are stupid, prejudiced gay people. Kindly grow up.

  7. I just wish that Rudy Gay (which is a bit Carry On if your British, gedit, Rude y Gay?)had been called Randy (OH MATRON!!)What will these Right wing so called Christians do next!

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