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Urban Outfitters denies chairman has homophobic views

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Reader comments

  1. Well, the real power is where we spend our money, and there are plenty of other shops, so choose not to spend in Urban Outfitters.

    1. Problem is there are so many weak people. A&F is a facist discriminatory company but the queens love it. Sky owned by murdoch the gay hating pig has a big gay following. The majority of gay seem to have no self respect and integrity thats why “pride” is an embarrasing freakshow

      1. True, to a certain extent James, but the power of boycott and bad press can be powerful. Look at the Coors Light boycott by the LGBT communities in the US. And in reality, it starts with one person saying, I will not shop there (That person will be me, for starters) And I’ll be sure to tell everyone else as to why I’m not shopping there either. There are many gay people with a strong social conscience, more then the vacuous “isn’t-it-all-fab” types you refer to.

        1. I think the Murdoch/ Sky boycott is as important. Do you have Sky?

          1. sky is cool for the choice

          2. Chester you’re weak and will suffer in the end when fox news starts spreading their anti gay propoganda over here

          3. you don’tknow me james

          4. If youre gay and think sky is cool youre an idiot Musdoch is a bstard

          5. Each does what they think is right James. Each to their own beliefs. Boycotting one product on social conscience does not mean you have to adopt the boycott of everyone else, unless convinced of it.

          6. Sorry Will Murdoch is a bastard and I would not have his trash in my house because its convienent. I would rather do anything but watch Sky or read the times or the sun. Fox is responsible for anti gay and racist attitudes in the USA and its comming here. I think all gay people with sky are sad weak sellouts and I have no respect for them.

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