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Homophobia questions may be added to British Crime Survey

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 30 Jun 2008, 3:52pm

    “One in five lesbian and gay people have experienced a homophobic hate crime or incident in the last three years. One in eight have been a victim in the last year.”

    Some of the contributors to the rise in hate crimes aimed at LGBT people is aided and abetted by the C of E and other religious cults who insist that children must be raised by one father and one mother via marriage, their mantra for opposing marriage equality. Yet, they never condemn or judge the lives of married couples who choose not to have children or can’t have them.

    I wonder if Jacqui Smith would use the same rationale she uses for denying asylum to gay Islamic people when she states that there is no threat to their lives if they are deported back from whence they came, as long as they are discreet, keep a low profile, live their lives in secret and pretend you’re straight.