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Evangelicals decide to stick with Anglican Communion but fight gay ordination

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  1. Ronald Frank Williams 29 Jun 2008, 5:50pm

    Fortunately Anglicanism does NOT have a bright future in UK. We are learning to embrace diversity here.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 30 Jun 2008, 1:15pm

    Ronald, lets hope that continues. Personally, I’d like to see it disestablished altogether. Religious affiliation is a choice and should be treated as any other commodity. Why should the government be in the business of supporting any religion with tax payers money while discriminating and denigrating LGBT people? Why should anyone’s religious beliefs be exempt from offencive speech anyway?

  3. In case you hadn’t noticed, there is a world of difference between English Anglicanism and the rather more Calvinistic brand of religion promulgated by GAFCON. I would have thought that the recent service at St Bartholomew’s, Smithfield, would have made that quite clear. Far from “discriminating and denigrating LGBT people,” Anglican churches these days are largely packed with queers. As it happens, I too would rather like to see the C of E disestablished, but not because I think its status as the national church is bad or damaging for the nation; rather, I think it is potentially harmful to the Church to have to serve two masters in this way.

  4. Unfortunately, the Anglican church for too long has enjoyed too much immunity and “special” treatment; employment law, heritage law, all allow religious exemption due to the established church. This is why they sought exemption from equality law.

    Having been the subject of an Anglican witch hunt in this country myself, I would say any queer congregation is deluding itself, and the GAFCON highlights this.

    Disestablish the church. Now.

  5. It is not just the Anglican church, but every crackpot religion can hide behind exemptions obtained by the established church; employment law, heritage law are just two I have been involved with where the Archbishop of Canterbury has won exemptions that has allowed other religious groups to disregard reasonable laws that most organisations have to abide by, giving them arguably an unfair advantage.

    Having been the target myself of an Anglican witchhunt in this country, I would say that any queer congregation is deluding itself, and my opinion is confirmed by the organising of our enemies within the Anglican church at GAFCON.

    Disestablish the church. Remove ALL exemptions from laws; it gave them the idea that they could discriminate us in the first place. Their priviledges must end.

  6. And sorry for the double post. This computer told me my first post was “incorrect”

  7. Shouldn’t this, and other stories relating to the Church of England, be reported under “Entertainment” rather than “Religion”?
    The Church of England and FoCA’s current debacle is nothing more than a joke to the majority of folk, utterly irrelevant to daily life. Might as well argue how many angels, done up in drag, can dance on the head of a pin :-)

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