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You will go to hell, preacher tells “gay” CNN presenter

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  1. ZachJonesIsHome 27 Jun 2008, 12:53pm

    If some of the other Obama scandals come out, he may not get the nomination.
    Consider this parody: Sen. Clinton may still have a chance. This is the lighter side of some very serious issues about Sen. Obama. Please explore my blog and the ones listed at the bottom of Senator McCain in a Time Rift!
    Is John McCain Really Harry Potter?

  2. “Outing” – whether by conservative preachers or gay magazines – is despicable. People have a right to a personal life, and speculation about their sexual preferences is gutter-level trash. I don’t know who should be more ashamed of themselves, Sharpton or “Out”. But I suspect neither of them is.

  3. I think these preachers make people afraid of hell….Hell is what we are living thru now on earth but you have to make the best of it and forget about the preachers judging… would think they are God themselves…..what a powertrip. They will get theirs soon and I can’t wait to watch them on TV.

  4. “Reverend” al Sharpton also said the same about Mormons when questioned about mitt romnet during a debate last year and had to do a lot of backtracking.

    How stupid Sharpton is, can be seen throughout this debate, full of “white noise”:

  5. michael wall 27 Jun 2008, 5:01pm

    Hello, I am an open minded Buddhist, a vegetarian for for over 50 years and a progressive holistic activist. All relegions not least Christianity have suppported war and conflict (the in many cases they invented it, to force conversions, and are still doing it today) for thousands of years. There are still many truly spiritual men and women, but most of them today use it as a form of control of open minded seekers. Religion today is man made and is a good living for them. Love of all mankind, other species and the Planet is the only truly Spiritual way. The gentlemen mentioned above seem to to be teaching us to hate each other, because we act and think differently to them. They forget the Bible which states “Evil, in this case hatred, is in the mind of the beholder. This is a year of continuing change, and they realize their of way life is on the way out, this must be truly hell for them. Sincerely Mike

  6. The antecedents of these preachers invented their particular God(s) (in the likeness of themselves – evil bigots). Others have invented even more ridiculous God(s). (The Japanese Emperor to name but one)

    So the fact that they behave as thought they were God and judge other people and teach people to hate one another is hardly surprising.

    The less notice taken of them the better, then their attention seeking antics will be come ever more bizarre and eventually they will become just laughing stocks. Many of them are already.

  7. Gene Touchet 27 Jun 2008, 6:26pm

    Sharpton has little credibility. He has yet to acknowledge any responsibility for the Tamara Brawley brouhaha. He’s the modern equivalent of “Rev. Ike” who told his followers that God wanted them “to give me” lots of money. And they did. Sharpton tells his followers to believe him and they do.

    Go figure.

    (The real argument against the current educational system in the U.S.?)

  8. This is another example of how disgustingly shoddy some of the reporting is here at PinkNews. This comment was taken COMPLETELY out of context.

    Representative Sharpton, like him or hate him, is one of the MOST gay supportive members of congress in the United States. He fights tirelessly for gay rights, INCLUDING MARRIAGE EQUALITY, both in congress and within the socially conservative black Church. He was one of the FEW Democratic candidates for president in 2004 who stood up for FULL marriage equality for gays and lesbians.

    If this reporter had taken the time to watch the clip of the interview he would have, assuming his has minimal intelligence and minimal comprehension, understood that Rep. Sharpton was talking about a hypothetical “I” and a hypothetical “you”. He was making the point that religious fundamentalists have a right and are entitled to believe whatever the hell they want to; they can even believe that gay people are going to hell, but they do not have a right, are not entitled and are not even allowed (according to our Constitution) to impose those beliefs on others. They are not allowed to, and should not feel the need to, LEGISLATE ANYONE into heaven.

    Ross van Metzke and Pink News should be ashamed of themselves for producing this misleading load of drivel.

  9. “Reverand” Al Sharpton is by no means a Congressman (THANK whatever Being you believe in).

  10. @ Markus.

    You may have a point. There is a 2’10” video on this site, so judge for yourselves. While Mr Sharpton, like all clerics, talks nothing but white noise, I find nothing bigoted about it to be honest.

  11. Robert, ex-pat Brit 27 Jun 2008, 9:28pm

    Markus, you’re absolutely right about that. Unfortunately, many of my fellow British gays don’t care much for what goes on in other parts of the world, particularly in America since it doesn’t affect them. Al Sharpton is one of the most vocal progay black American politicians one can find. This entire story has been taken out of context. Al is a true friend of the gay community and is doing a hell of a job trying to get his fellow “African-Americans” to treat us with dignity, respect and most of all, our full equality. He is an ardent supporter of full marriage equality, among other things.

  12. AL Sharpton is one of the most repulsive figures on the American scene; a documented FBI informant in the 1980s, his only agenda is shallow self-promotion and confusion peddling. And shame to “Out” for the tittilation and gossip about Cooper. A strong argument can be made that US society today is too homoPHILIC. Obessession with petty gossip and celebrity, creating “scenes”, unbridled narcissism and consumerist porn, all these are cultural traits long incubated in the gay community.

  13. john wilfred sharp 28 Jun 2008, 4:24am

    hell like paradise does not exist .
    gods do not exist .
    religions and religious freaks are spreading lies .
    so be free from all beliefs

  14. Al Sharpton is entitled to his opinions, he only said out loud what lots of people are thinking! TY!!

  15. Pink News has seriously weakened its credibility by manipulating the facts and twisting this story clearly in a bid to stir up a storm of controversy. Al Sharpton is one of the few figures on the American political scene who has unceasingly spoken out for gay rights throughout the homophobic Bush presidency. Pink News should issue an apology to its readers forthwith or it won’t just be Heinz mayo that the community is called upon to boycott!

  16. Robert, ex-pat Brit 29 Jun 2008, 11:22am

    rj….I agree with you that outing people for the sake of it is a despicable thing. However, I do support the outing of anyone, especially politicians and others like them who for whatever reasons support legislation that denies basic rights to LGBT people. The republican party engenders many of them some of whom are the Log Cabiners, a gay group of voters numbering more than one million who persistently support the party of hate, in spite of the rampant homophobia found in their party. They naively believe that remaining within the GOP will help bring about change. Not going to happen!

  17. I read the comment a few days ago and have already commented on another site. Al Sharpton is nothing but a big mouth and a trouble maker. He disparages anyone he can. If the Anti-Christ is coming, then he is a great model for that Satanic figure. Anderson Cooper is a fine journalists……one of the best in the business. I don’t care what his preferences are, Al Sharpton has no right to make a comment about such a private matter on the public media. I remember Martin Luther King, he was a brave, fine and peace loving revolutionary and great public figure. He had the class never to embarrass anyone with those type of demonic statements REMEMBER……AL SHARPTON IS NO MARTIN LUTHER KING. I don’t see any black visionaries with his character and qualities to bring us all together today. Al Sharpton is sabotaging the efforts of the great Mr. King. Anderson…..keep up the great reporting that Americans desire.


  18. Anyone whether gay or straight, a self confessed preacher or not who rejects jesus christ as their saviour before they die is going to hell. That is what ultimately puts you in hell that you don’t acknowledge that you are born into sin & have to repent of it & acknowledge that only Jesus Christ can save you. Christians love the sinner but hate the sin bla bla bla you might say but to use an anology so that you can understand, a mother can still love her child but hate their drug taking.

  19. blow it…out your ear.

  20. Kas –
    Poisonous superstitious twaddle. Please save your time and ours and go away.

  21. Pink news allows comments like this so dont expect too much its quite a racist site
    “Who cares if a pair of ‘niggas’ (their words, not mine) bitch it out on the nets. They havent got a pair of brain celss between them to rub together.

    No wonder so many young blacks are in so much trouble when they aspire to be these sort of role models.
    Spanner Flag 31 December 2010, 12:37am

  22. “Anyone whether gay or straight, a self confessed preacher or not who rejects jesus christ as their saviour before they die is going to hell.”

    When you can produce Jesus in person to back up your claims, then I’ll believe you. Otherwise you’re just peddling made up fairy stories to make yourself feel better for believing in such tripe.

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