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Tabloid’s front page gay kiss shows Heinz how it’s done

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Reader comments

  1. Well done, One80news! A gorgeous picture. Heinz’ behaviour is pathetic and shameful. They would never dare pull a picture of a black or mixed-race couple kissing if they got complaints from racists.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 27 Jun 2008, 2:20pm

    Kudos to One80news! Very well done and a beautiful depiction, tastefully done!

  3. Join the list to fight back agaisnt homophobia in the media and politics.

    Sendyou emaila ddress to or email Jeff to find out more (same email pls)

  4. john wilfred sharp 28 Jun 2008, 4:31am

    well as we are 10% of the population .close to 20% of the purchasing power .we should get the same those who are always anti gay get over it we are here spontaneously and will continue to come and be .so keep you hate and come and talk to me you will see , we are simple ordinary being just like you , sorry we have more sex than you .try catching up on that it will keep you busy and fulfilled.

  5. get that shit off the front page! it’s sick, wrong and disgusting. It should still be illegal. UGH!

  6. two husbands from pennsylvania USA 28 Jun 2008, 6:50pm

    we2husbands living in Pennsylvania – together in Love since 1976 – and married in Canada in 2003 – loved the Heinz ad … but heterosexism – even in the more-enlightened UK – trumped us again!

  7. john wilfred sharp 30 Jun 2008, 2:24am

    paul is jealous as no one wants to kiss him .
    come on man ! how can you say it is
    sick ! see a doctor if you are sick paul.
    wrong ! how can you say that paul.
    disgusting ! i suppose you know what that means paul.
    Illegal ! yes it is illegal to be hatefull to others paul give us your adress so we cna sue you .
    that is if you have the balls .
    we gays have 4 balls ours and our lovers .do not be jealous!
    we will pay you a visit and show you we are non of the above mentioned .john wilfred sharp

  8. elizabethveldon 30 Jun 2008, 6:37pm

    two men kissing in brighton? I’m shocked!

  9. This is great!!
    It’s beautiful to see same sex kiss.
    It gives a reaction on people.

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