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Home Secretary pledges action on homophobic hate crime

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Reader comments

  1. I have just a question. How one can know for sure that any violence, abuse or crime has been motivated by hate for gays? My cousin is a skinny tall guy but was attacked by bunch of teenagers. Was he attacked because he was tall and skinny, but they were not tall? Was he attacked because of color of skin? He is white, and attackers white as well. They hit him in the head and he was knocked out.
    Would hate crime be when a male does a crime to a woman? Recently I saw how a man grabbed a purse of a lady and run away. Was it a hate crime? Maybe he hates women? He did not explain…
    If someone would attack a gay/lesbian how one can tell if that is a hate crime. Just because attacker is not gay??? Just because one is a member of hetero but other gay communty? Then next time in a bar there will be a fight between two men – one is irish but other is english, then there is a grounds for hate crime accusation on ethnic origin!!!
    I believe this whole thing can be a subject to much manipulation and heterophobic interpretation.
    What do you all think?

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 26 Jun 2008, 9:31am

    Krabis, whoever you are, don’t be so naive. When people are deliberately singled out, usually perceived to be gay and in some cases obvious, that is “hate”. So Jody Dobrowski was killed because of mistaken identity? I think not. The evidence was overwhelming that it was a homophobic hate crime that had a fatal outcome.

    I’m surprised Jacqui Smith isn’t denying that homophobic hate crimes exist when she believes that Iranian gays and others in the Islamic world aren’t subject to persecution, harassment or worse yet, executed for merely existing.

    Get your collective hands out of the sand and face reality. Homophobia is alive and well in the U.K. Krabis, have you been taking instruction from Sister Mary Clarence. Your mindset seems very similar. Are your grammatical errors deliberate to detract from your true identity?

  3. The first place the Home Sec. needs to start to eradicate homophobes & gay haters…is the police force!

    The second place the Home Sec, needs to continue to eradicate homophobes & gay haters…is the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which colude, whitewash & cover up homophobes in the police.

    The third place is those in the Criminal Justcice Services & the Judiciary…in particular Judges, especially those who have not quite caught up with the fact homosexuality decriminalised 40 years ago.

    The fourth place…is the religious institutions which control faith schools which continue to spout hatred & churn out young people poisoned by twisted religions.

    The least concern are hoodie wearing chav’s…its within the institutions the greatest homophobes & gay haters can be found, hiding behind & beneath their blue uniforms, ermine robes, smocks, cassocks, wigs & silks!

  4. Pete and Michael 26 Jun 2008, 1:23pm

    Unfortunately the police need concrete evidence to address homophobic issues as we both have found, it seems to them one’s word against another, although we were offered conciliatory talks with our neighbours we both felt we could not trust them. Whether the police have spoken to the neighbours we do not know as no feedback has been offered.

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 26 Jun 2008, 5:08pm

    Anon, as for those in cassocks, I advocate as I’ve done for years, disestablish state religion and stop government funding of denominations and any faith-based institution. Religious bigotry has no place in politics or the workplace. I don’t care what peoples beliefs are, that’s their chosen lifestyle, nobody compels them to believe let alone worship, its a choice and not a necessity for living. If they want to maintain their places of worship, let their followers fund them, minus any tax exemptions or other breaks.

  6. Robert, I have no clue who Jodi Dworoski is and totally unaware of any facts as to how this person died. I am not british. I live in former soviet state. I was just wondering how realistically one can make sure it is a hate crime that is commited. As a youngster I often was in fights with other boys who were Russians. I don’t know if it was always because I was of different ethnic origin or because they were just drunk and wanted to pick a fight with anybody. My ethnic group has suffered some opression under soviet system, but I cautious about the trend in EU of political correctness. I had plenty and suffered under it plenty during USSR. I am afraid that because political correctness trend persons and events are evaluated not because of individual merit, but because someone is in/out of group protected by watchdogs of political correctness. Britain is multiethnic society. How have you been able to distinguish if there is ethnic hate crime or just plain crime?

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