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Hidden lives, proud service: gays in the military

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Reader comments

  1. I’m 62 and have known that I was gay since 13. I served in the U.S
    Army from 66 to 69. I did 2 tours in Viet Nam with the 4TH Cavalry. The 1ST tour I was a gunner, the 2ND a track commander.
    For the 68 Tet everyone of us received a Silver Star (Valorous Unit Award) in addition I received a CIB, a Bronze Star , and a Purple Heart award. I am proud of my service.
    However, no one knew that I was gay. Had they discovered this, I would have been kicked out for being morally unfit. I would have
    been “too soft” for the military, especially, for combat.
    More people need to come foreward and say “I’m here and I’m queer”.
    The ones that have a problem are the ones that need to get the boot, not the gays that want to serve.
    I know that I’m an American and you are celebrating British gays, but gay is gay. Discrimination is universal. I hope moe people step foreward and tell their story.

  2. gays are good enough to serve during war time, but used to be discharged just as soon as convenient (a friend of mine was serving in the Navy during the Faulklands conflict, and discharged at teh end!)

    We know gays have served in ever army in every conflcit since we learned to throw stones. It is dishonest to hide those who served, and overdue that their contribution was recognised

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