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Comment: Pride seems to be the same all over the world

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  1. Last year our Cornwall Gay PRIDE was different. Completely non-commercial, a complete return to roots of an LGBT community presence with a simple picnic, beneath a Rainbow flag on a Cornish Beach. No stalls, no organisations, no floats just LGBT people enjoying each others company. It was a great success, despite being put in jeapoardy by the HOMOPHOBIC Cornwall, UK police force

    However Cornwall police put a STOP to that, having arrested the ‘Chair’ of the PRIDE steering group only days before the 2007 event on entirely spurious allegations. Despite witnesses, physical & material evidence to PROVE the allegation was false, police dragged the case out for months. There were NO charges made, but the 2007 LGBT PRIDE steering group disbanded out of concerns of yet further reprisals & targeting of LGBT persons by Cornwall police (It really is that sort of place).

    Now the police are effectively involved in the running of this years Cornwall PRIDE, back to a commercial PRIDE for the benefit of those seeking the Pink Pound and a statement that PRIDE is NOT political….WHAT?

  2. Ryan Haynes 25 Jun 2008, 2:17pm

    The problem with many prides is their commercial aspect – they need to look like a gay pride event. Otherwise what’s the point – no discerning citizen wants to see a normal person as gay. Gays are drag queens, scene queens, leather bears…none of these then no money will fund it.

    Pathetic really, think we’ve come far since the 1980s? Well My Schmidt – I fully agree with you mate.

    Time that our pride does something different. Pride London to readily toes the line…innovative? Creative? unique? BarHumbug – yet to see a gay pride that ‘actually’ represents us!

  3. great observation and I share the same, thank you for writing about it. I stopped going too : same same No local color as it were. hoping we will change,being gay it is bound to happen. I think it must have to do with ‘administrators’ of the parade. you know like film producers ‘ lets aim for the middle ‘ blah blah blah. I have an answer : smaller parade in the same city allowing anything goes !! that’s the ticket – gays move away from the middle…yeah

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