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Boris will shine at Pride predicts David Cameron

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Reader comments

  1. What’s this, a story about Johnson attending London Pride or an advert for the tory partys green policies?

  2. Looks like wossname could do with some education policy, Tory, Labour or Lib Dem, given his/her poor grammar and failure to ‘apostrophise’

  3. Well, I know an ad-hominem attack when I see one. But I’m ever so sorry for not being as well educated as you appear to be. Thing is, if having a proper education means being as arrogant and mean minded as you appear to be then I’m quite happy with the one I’ve got.

    Still, I’m sure your mum still loves you, someone must

  4. I bet Boris Johnson is going be a right laugh at pride :-) and I mean that in a very positive way, I voted for him! x

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