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Analysis: What is in Ireland’s civil partnership bill?

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 25 Jun 2008, 6:39pm

    Just like the British version, no straights are allowed to enter into one of these segregated partnerships. What is so EQUAL about that? No way do they resemble marriage, just legal room-mate status. These legislators wouldn’t know what equality is if it bit them in the arse. This is all to do with not offending the state church and the bigots who subscribe to it.

  2. I completely agree. Civil Partnership as in other countries such as S.Africa, the UK or France is not enough. I want to join the ranks of Spain, Belguim and the Netherlands. In general Gay rights do not pregress much further after Civil Partnership – the only exception to which I think is Germany.

    I do not agree however that this is something to do with the church. The majority of people have moved on, it is the government who are afraid to take a step that they feel may be unpopular despite the current ‘exceptance’ or atleast tolerance that exists.

    I presume the last poster was British. As an Irish person of the Jewish faith, I am sick of British people who come from a country that shares a head of religion and a head of state (a system similar to that which exists in Morocco) imposing their idea of a Catholic Ireland onto me which in reality is not very accurate. This imposition of an outsiders ill-informed perception is insulting.

    The Church is not the problem as it has little power – it is not a state church as is the case with the Church of England (how modern!). The problem is the cowardly government as well as our family and friends who may vote for them without connecting the dots.

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