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1,300 sign online petition calling for Heinz gay ad to be reinstated

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  2. Please sing “A million housewives every day, pick up a tin of Beanz and say….Eeeew, gay beanz” LOL.

  3. Please sing ” A million housewives everyday, pick up a tin of beanz and say….Eeeeew! Gay Beans!” LOL

    Personally, I loved the advert & cannot understand why it was pulled?

  4. er, but it’s not a gay ad. two blokes kiss but that doesn’t make it gay. which makes the complainers look ridiculous and which makes the decision by heinz to pull it even sillier. and which makes stonewall totally bonkers to call for a boycott.

    i blame the christians. for everything.

  5. i can’t see why it was pulled this is part of life whats wrong with having two men i think people need to remember we are now in 2008 and not the dark ages

  6. Actually I was the 1,729th person to sign the petition so it’s grown by 400 since this story was posted! Slightly more than the pitiful 205 who have complained!!


  7. Ryan Haynes 25 Jun 2008, 2:09pm

    It’s the best thing they could have done was pull it – otherwise we wouldn’t know about it. Plus Heinz are now getting more publicity through the press and the likes of these forums.

    Further – everyone is watching the advert online, especially those who missed it.

    So who’s losing here? Only those who complained – all 205 of them!

  8. Ryan Haynes 25 Jun 2008, 2:12pm

    Heinz made an excellent move pulling the ad – I mean look, here we are talking about it – the press the TV the radio. Anyone else want to talk about the advert – come on, go right ahead.

    The only people who have lost are the 205. Those who missed it are now catching up with the ad on YouTube and Heinz’s publicity is going through the roof. Don’t ya just love it!

  9. How embarrassing to be a gay man today when this is the sort of thing the community gets into a frenzy about when there so many more worhwhile things to get into a lather about. Pathetic!

  10. Heading for 2,000 now :-) It’s ridiculous. If they withdrew it because of the the characters age or race the world would go mad!

  11. Sister M. Renate ECSF 25 Jun 2008, 2:39pm

    We seem to be in the midst of a homophobic resurgence; where has Heinz “been” (no pun intended) for the last 20 years? Have we suddenly become unsaleable?? Advertising companies have made millions on the back of the GLBT communities throughout the years….. bit late to start getting picky now Heinz.

  12. @Rod

    I’m quite sure we’ll be more than happy to support any issue supporting gay people you choose to campaign on.

  13. Dominick J 25 Jun 2008, 5:04pm

    This is the LOOK of ALL future ads to come. This is equality to the 9THS. I’m tired of only seeing heteros representing America through our ads and this is about time! GAY families eat, wear, smell, brush their teeth and everything else too—why not show them enjoying it?? STOP the petty BS. KEEP the Ad Rolling!!

  14. Erm. I’m a bit disappointed by the ad actually. It doesn’t represent gay relationships or any such thing. It’s just saying that if you eat this sauce you have a New York Deli in your kitchen. The chap isn’t meant to be in a relationship with the Dad character, it’s meant to mean that your Mum can serve up sandwiches just like a New York Deli, if she buys this stuff.

    I am a bit angered that two blokes kissing and one of them behaving like a ‘housewife’ is meant to be amusing as suggested by the Heinz spokesperson. If it weren’t for the implication that ‘Mother’ has turned into a Deli owner then this family would look like several that I know. That’s what we need to see on our screens. Non-ironic, non-amusing, non ‘oh isn’t it funny when guys kiss?’ representations of gay and lesbian families.

    I’m half tempted to complain about the ad myself!

  15. Robert, ex-pat Brit 25 Jun 2008, 6:19pm

    Maybe Stonewall should take out an ad with a headline…”Religion, the opiate of the people”. You can bet the bigots would fire back with a similar demand and possible lawsuit. Hypocrisy knows no bounds!

    I’m sick and tired of having heterosexual sexuality shoved down my throat 24/7. Turn on your tv and you’ll see them kissing one another, ads for valentine’s day for instance…you’ll never see a gay couple. The fact that most straight married couples wear a wedding ring is a public declaration and symbol of THEIR sexual orientation. When its us, they don’t like it. I’m tired of the doublestandard and the hypocrisy.

  16. I am sorry that Rod feels disappointed that gays are getting into a lather about something which, in his view, is so insignificant. I feel he is missing the wider issue here. The bigots have achieved a successful coup here. Its not that this ‘gay’advert has been removed, but that they are creating an atmosphere where all ad people and everyone else feel so wary about showing anything that could be remotely constued as gay in a positive sense that they simple don’t bother. Result – ‘gay’ issues are forced back into the closet – which is exactly where the bigots want us.

  17. I am #3973 and I am proud of it. People need to get their heads outta their asses and take a look at the real world.

  18. I am #3973 and I am proud of it. People need to get their heads outta their asses and take a look at the real world. Life and love are not exclusive to heterosexuals and I may be wrong but last time I checked – many Gay families also eat mayo… I’m just sayin’

  19. bruce woolley 25 Jun 2008, 9:09pm

    GREAT WITH THE TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Oh, poor Greg… the only thing around here that is “shit” is your level of education. Actually, with our vast disposable incomes, more than you have, we don’t buy cheap Heinz products anyway. Maybe you do, Greg, with your dole money?

  21. OK so Heinz no longer wishes to run the advert!!! The 90’s decade ran a free (as in zilch entry fee)into London Pride after march party, where were all the signatures then, in the closet where most had to be, you can step out in style these days gurlz and guyz, get reAL F*@*@ CK heinz pulling out of their orchestrated pink pound attention seeking advert, instead perhaps set up a new petition requesting parliament re-introduce a free London Pride festival, evern Margate has free Pride festival Saturday August 26 2008, if they can get it together i’m sure London can. You may very well continue to still eat heinz baked beanz although cross and blackwell baked beans are rather tasty!! You may even attend Margate Pride festival – Heinz won’t care either way anyhow (yes of course i’ve had a couple of tequila’s xxx)

  22. The hysterical reaction is just plain embarrassing. I personally object more to gay men being used to flog baked beans than the fact that this ad has been pulled. Every time I see Stonewall mentioned in the press these days, I squirm with embarrassment at the laughing stock they are making of the gay community, and I know I am not alone. What a bunch of whiners and reactionaries they are painting us to be. David Davies last week? Heinz Beanz this week? What will it be next week, as Stonewall fights for its survival, desperately attempting to prove that it still has a role to play in this more enlightened age when, in reality, it is fast becoming an irrelevance and a major embarrassment. Gay men should start acting like men instead of schoolgirls and stop screaming “bigots” every time the minority of ignoramuses who still view us with disdain open their mouths.You are far more likely to make them go away by laughing at them and ridiculing them than to scream and shout at them. Just ignore them and they will go away. Make a fuss and get outraged every time you see an injustice and our comunity will only attract more negative attention and be viewed as reactionary zealots who won’t be satisfied until we are running the world! Gays have never been as accepted by, and integrated into, the mainstream as we are today, and we should be celebrating that fact, not wallowing in yet more “poor me” self-pity and victimhood. For Heaven’s sake, people, take a deep breath, calm down, chill out, and be grateful for the more enlightened times we are living in!!

  23. Mark Satterthwaite 25 Jun 2008, 11:03pm

    When will we learn to tell those offended to turn the stupid station? It is those flat earthers at it again!

  24. Light comes from heat, Rod. And you can indeed thank Stonewall, whom you despise, for helping us come so far towards equality, opposed every step of the way by your chum David Davies, incidentally. :-)

  25. i agree – it’s not a gay ad – the kiss thing is done with butch wry irony that makes it a bit awkward full of hetrosexual boundry anxiety.
    It certainly isnt sexy or attractive and as a portrait of gay familial domesticity is highly questionable. I don’t want this ad representing gay people.

  26. I would also point out that the gay community has a long way to go to get its own house in order before accusing outsiders of homophobia. The gay community itself, in general, is the most homophobic sector of society by far, whether that be gay men internalising their self-hatred and projecting it outwards onto the rest of us, or closeted men in positions of power who legislate against gay people. And dare I mention the story all over the mainstream news less than a week ago that reported on the epidemic of HIV positive men who are knowingly having unsafe sex? As AIDS activist Larry Kramer famously said in November 2004 when he branded such gay men as murderers: “I wish we could understand and take some responsibility for the fact that for some years we have been murdering each other with great facility, and that down deep inside of us, we knew what we were doing…” So yes, I find it kinda ironic to see so many reactionary gays bleating about the unfairness of the pulling of a daft Heinz ad when we shamefully look the other way at the homophobia and lack of all-round respect that is rampant in our own community. We casually accept the open sale of bareback videos, we mentor gay teens on their backs instead of using our charity funds to empower them to have safe sex, we no longer care about the spread of HIV because we continue to support HIV charities that are only serving their own self-interests and who now prioritise HIV management over HIV prevention… When we start to wake up to these injustices on our own dorstep – and stop shouting “bigots” at the mainstream each time we perceive they have offended our sensibilities – then we will rid ourselves of that chip on our collective shoulder, cease playing the victim, and becoming an empowered and powerful sector of society. In the meantime, we will continue to be hypocrites for attacking the mainstream for what we ourselves, as a community, are guilty of.

  27. Am I the only one here who thinks that Rod isn’t really “one of us”? I suspect Rod is some conservative plant to screw up the discussion, or at least has a loathing of the “community” that he really needs to address. A pinch of your own advice there on internalised homophobia, eh,Rod (that’s if you’re really gay at all)?

  28. Stephen warwick 26 Jun 2008, 10:46am

    I was signatory 5,719 only 12 hours after this news item was posted. Heinz should be commended for running the ad in the first instance but pressed to reconsider, the latter lack of inclusivity. That’s about it. The world will keep revolving.

  29. Am I the only one here who thinks Thornton is a Militant gay who instantly smears others who dare to hold an opposing viewpoint?

  30. Oh God! The classic, ‘not one of us’ if they don’t agree with me issue! Gays and Lesbians aren’t one homogenous mass with the same views, politics, interests and lifestyles you know. We are a pretty diverse bunch. Get used to it.

  31. jay christopher bailey 26 Jun 2008, 1:15pm

    oh my god!!!!! has heinz gone completely mad. what is the world comin too its the 21st century for christ sake. i know the next time we see a man and woman kissin, us as meanin the gay communitty should boycott that and ask them to remove it cause it offends, and that i dont want to have to explain to the children what they are actually doing.

    jay wigan x

  32. Thanks Ashley for your voice of reason! Let’s just get this into context. Heinz were brave enough to sanction this ad in the first place, but in light of the complaints they receive decided to pull it. The decision to pull it was not a homophobic one; it was a commercial decision. The hysteria that has greeted this decision is an embarrassment to gay men like myself who just want a normal life without the word “gay” branded on their left shoulder. It is why only 10,000, rainbow flag-waving gays go on the Pride march these days; the majority just do not want to be associated with the political, militant gay lobby in this enlightened age. If you sign this petition, then you are no different to the fundamentalist Muslims who are pushing for Sharia law to be made mainstream in the UK. Yes, another minority group trying to impose its lifestye on the majority! Now you wonder why Heinz received so many complaints! I would suspect that most members of the general public who did complain are not homophobic at all; they just don’t want to see our lifestyle rammed down their throats, and that is what this ad does. Unlke a programme that is known to focus on gays, such as a soap opera with gay characters which they can choose not to watch, they have no choice where an ad featuring gay characters suddenly pops up between ads for Nike and Weetabix. I am not surprised so many were outraged to suddenly see two men kiss on a Heinz ad without warning! Whether we like it or not, our lifestyle is alien to the majority, who are generally accepting of us so long as it is not thrust down their throats. All of those up in arms about this and signing petitions to reverse the ad withdrawal are only succeeding in turning public opinion against us, and working against the great strides made in gay rights in recent years.

  33. Show it again! What are you afraid of?

  34. Elenie Opffer 27 Jun 2008, 4:07am

    Bring back the advert! I loved it. Its refreshing to see blokes expressing affection instead of beating on each other.

  35. hey thorton—you just admitted that your kind doesn’t buy heinz anyway, so way all the fuss if heinz pulls their ad? see?–you’re inconsistent in your thought processes-(must be the “toppings” you “eat”}

  36. If you are all so desperate to watch gay men snogging on TV, watch Hollyoaks or any show made by HBO, and stop being used by Stonewall as pawns to implement its New Labour agenda to suppress freedom of speech under the transparent guise of “hate laws”!!

  37. Greg Shine 27 Jun 2008, 8:03am

    “the majority just do not want to be associated with the political, militant gay lobby in this enlightened age.”

    And your proof for that is where, Rod?

    If you want to hate the gay community for their actions here, or elsewhere, fine, but don’t ridicule those who try to make a difference by objection to this action by Heinz. Clearly you don’t associate yourself with the majority of gay people, and that’s fine, you entitled to that… so what are you doing in this site protesting? Why not put your head back into the sand in case you upset any of those who might be find our fight “alien to the majority”. You clearly have a lot more issues against the gay community than one Heinz ad campaign.

    What we don’t need is another queer crawling on his belly for fear he will offend the “majority” with his queerness. No one’s asking you to fight for equality, if you’re happy with your lot in this world, good for you, then just run along.

  38. “And your proof for that is where, Rod?”

    The proof is the London Pride march. In a country that must have around around 5m of us, only 10,000 turn out. Call that “pride”? No doubt you will be at the front of the parade blowing your whistle and waving your placard and making a spectacle of yourself. That is your choice and I embrace the freedom that allows you to do that, but just don’t delude yourself into thinking you represent the 4,990,000 of us who won’t be joining you because, in this enlightened age of mainstream integration and general acceptance, they just don’t see the ponint.

  39. “The proof is the London Pride march. In a country that must have around around 5m of us, only 10,000 turn out. Call that “pride”?”

    Yes, I do. And so do many of us. I am proud to be gay, and that clearly puts me miles ahead of you. And that sad attempt to belittle those who have the guts to stand up and be counted and march is hardly scientific “proof”. You can keep your homophobia and self loathing, thanks, but next time don’t insult my intelligence with this anecdotal crap as “proof”.

    Perhaps, Rod, you should contact Iris Robinson, she knows a “lovely psychiatrist” who can help you overcome the “abomination” you are.

  40. Wasn’t the point about Little Britain’s “Only gay in the village” the fact that he wasn’t really the only gay in the village, but that he chose to make a point of labelling himself “gay” and stamping his feet and thumping his fists until people noticed? Why can’t the minority of mlitant, reactionary gays who claim to speak for millions of others learn from this and just accept that we choose to lead quiet, normal lives and blend into the mainstream as opposed to attracting unnecessary attention to ourselves? It is behaviour like theirs that fuels the kind of animosity that leads to attacks, both verbal and physical. Gay is a label, a lifestyle and a political construct. If you read Peter Tatchell’s excellent article in this year’s official PLondon Pride magazine, you will learn that sexually is in fact a very fluid thing, and that the terms “gay” and “straight” when strictly defined do not in fact apply to 90% of the population! I am sexually attracted to other men but I refuse to buy into that divisive “gay”/”staright” them-and-us bullshit. We can really only all get on and live side by side in the world by respecting each others’ spaces and not imposing our will or beliefs onto others.

  41. Rod,

    I hear what you are saying, but have a different point of view. You mention a number of times that losts of gay people don’t want to be associated with the flag waving whistle blowing antics of Pride and that is perfectly true. However, when you say:
    “don’t delude yourself into thinking you represent the 4,990,000 of us who won’t be joining you because, in this enlightened age of mainstream integration and general acceptance, they just don’t see the point.”

    I think you might be imagining that all the people who don’t go, don’t go purely because they have weighed up all the options and decided that it is not for them. I think you will find that there are plenty out there who would love to go along and meet other gay people, but because of their home life, financial situation, closetedness or fear of abuse if they identify as gay, they just can’t make the move. They aren’t integrated becuase they don’t feel able to be themselves in a society that still, as you say, finds it alien to be gay on lots of levels. I am no alien – I don’t want to be viewed as such and won’t tolerate anyone treating me as such.

    You also say :

    “We can really only all get on and live side by side in the world by respecting each others’ spaces and not imposing our will or beliefs onto others.”

    I totally agree with that, but when gay people are being bashed and beaten, we can’t sit back and tolerate it. We have to force the agenda somewhat because no-one is going to do it for us. Hospitals that face closure do not get saved because of a ‘no community mobilisation campaign’. They get saved because MPs get inundated with letters, calls, demonstrations etc from concerned interest parties. Those people make themselves visible and make themselves heard and push for what they want, and so must we.

    When homphobic abuse is properly taken seriously and completely inexcusable, then maybe we will be integrated enough not to feel the need to parade through our city streets, but right now we aren’t in that place and so we must continue to make ourselves visible, show our numbers and demand our equality. This isn’t imposing our will on others, it is just stepping up and saying ‘I am a citizen, I pay my taxes and contribute to this country and won’t accpet treatment an less favourable than a heterosexual’

  42. In the face of an enlightened viewpoint, Greg clearly has nowhere to go but to resort to bitchiness and personal insults, which I suppose in itself is a very “gay” thing to do.

    I don’t necessarily agree with all Rod says, but he has given me a lot to think about and challenged my “them-and-us”/”gay/straight” belief system.

    I will certainly be seeking out that article by Peter Tatchell.
    Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  43. Greg Shine 27 Jun 2008, 2:42pm

    Actually Sam, its not bitchy. Its bad enough we haev to endure the constant abuse form right wing homophobes and the “clergy” of every nut job religion without listenen to the same from another gay man. If Rob doesn’t associate himself with labels, pride or gay “culture”, that’s fine – its a free country and he has every right to that belief. But he has no right to belittle those who ARE willing to stand up and be counted at pride, or are willing to say I deserve better. The world Rob refers to might happen in 50 years, maybe 10, who knows… but I DO know, its doesn’t exist in the UK today. If you see “bitchiness” in that, then so be it…. you can spend from her to eternity worrying about your “gay/straight/bi label”, it wont get you any more rights than you already have.

  44. Greg Shine 27 Jun 2008, 2:46pm

    “We can really only all get on and live side by side in the world by respecting each others’ spaces and not imposing our will or beliefs onto others.”

    Rod, I totally agree,, but as we’re no where near there yet, we have to stand up and fight for it. Rights and respect are earned. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance as the famous quote says, and your complacency is thankfully a rare thing among out gay men. When we have the equality, then we can bicker until we’re blue in the face about the “label”. You need a dose of reality, mate.

  45. Patrik Eriksson 27 Jun 2008, 8:52pm

    So bad of Heinz in UK.. Cheers from Sweden

  46. thomas looker 28 Jun 2008, 12:42am

    how stupid is this, what kind of people would complain about two men kissing. i think its about time we all started to complain about man and women kissing., surely thats discrimination against same sex couples right?! this is war! lol

  47. Hi Sam, thanks for the voice of support in the face of such a rabid attack. And gay people like Mr. Shine have the nerve to accuse our enemies of being intolerent? As I said in an earlier post, gay men today are more likely to suffer intolerence and homophopbia from within our own culture (i.e. the gay scene) than outside of it. By the way, Pink News has just posted a version of Peter Tatchell’s enlightened article here:

  48. David Ewing 30 Jun 2008, 4:52pm

    Its only a Kiss, soaps on the tv have more than that these days!

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