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When civil partnerships end: dissolution explained

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 24 Jun 2008, 5:22pm

    The fact that adultery is a word reserved for married heterosexuals is proof enough that in spite of all the posturing by the proponents of civil partnerships, they are not equal to marriage. Treating one group of people with similar rights is not about equality at all, its about segregation and creating yet another class of people in an already class-ridden society, the most class-ridden in modern western history. We are notorious for that. Setting one group apart from another does nothing more than create an imbalance of assimilation and integration in a supposedly democratic society. Who needs that?

  2. Does that mean that when the Foreign office or the British embassy in France advise British civil partners to get divorced in order to do a French P.A.C.S so that they can benefit from the same sex legislation of French gay couples they are in fact encouraging British nationals to lie in a court of justice in the U.K?

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 25 Jun 2008, 6:29pm

    Oliver, some who post on this site once told me that there is reciprocal recognition between certain countries that offer civil partnerships, unions, P.A.C.S. and you’d not need to get a CP dissolved. Its screwed up anyway. The UK doesn’t even recognise legal same-sex marriages of British couples who marry in Canada. Upon return to the UK, their marriages are downgraded to civil partnerships. The two are NOT the same, never will be neither are they equal.

  4. I’m afraid France doesn’t recognise CPs, yet despite this it doesn’t allow same sex couple to perform a French P.A.C.S. Consequently British CP’s have no legal rights in France , for instance, they have to pay 60% IHT and not 0% which p.A.C.S gay couples do. The only way around it is to “lie” in a British court and get a dissolution like the article says. So by telling us the only solution is to get a “divorce” is actually encouraging us to “lie” in court since getting a “divorce” to jump straight into a French “P.A.C.S” can’t be a valid reason for a dissolution????. It sounds like at least the U.K gives some major recognition to Canadian same sex couples, the CP was a major break through for us. I guess the Canadian couple would be ok in France since they have to legally accept same sex marriages but not civil partnership.

  5. Robert – I’m afraid France doesn’t recognise CPs and they also don’t allow you to do a French P.A.C.S because illogically they recognise that you are already in a foreign civil partnership. The only solution is to “lie” in a British court to get the dissolution since that appears to be the only option and is the one that the embassy in France are hinting that we do since as the article suggests the fact that the French are acting unreasonably doesn’t appear as one of the reasons you can legally get “dissolved”

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