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Jacqui Smith branded “offensive” by gay immigration group

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Reader comments

  1. Martin Davies - C of E Gay Clergy Spouse 25 Jun 2008, 10:30am

    If Heinz have got a customer complaints phone number for their products, statement and adverts, perhaps the UK government should have one for the instant disciplining and removal of politicians rather than waste money and government time waiting for the next round of elections. Comments please?

  2. aluya Ikhena 15 Oct 2008, 4:25pm

    As a gay asylum seeker form Nigeria, I feel very powerless with the way the hope office make descions about the lives of gay people. Even in the UK homophobia is very visiable but the law helps gay people to live and get by. Sending gay people back to countries where the laws and cultures promotes homophobia is a death sentence and inflection of mental distess on people. This is not about figures, it is about lives!

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