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Irish gay rights group welcomes civil partnership bill

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Reader comments

  1. Well at least Ahern is honest when, as reported in the Guardian, he STRESSES that Civil Partnerships are NOT the same thing as marriage but I’m sure that won’t keep Pink News writers, their readers or the gay community of Ireland, like those in the rest of the UK, from claiming otherwise and berating anyone who dares make the point that Civil Partnerships are a second class status for second class citizens in second class relationships.

  2. William - Dublin 25 Jun 2008, 8:33am

    While I am trying to see the positive step of this legislation, I do not agree with GLEN that this is “comprehensive”, its is in fact the complete opposite. Sometimes I think GLEN are some puppet organisation for the government, they almost never stand up to them.

    This is a token gesture, and its the bear minimum that they could offer. Its less than what the UK have, covers no protection for couples that already have children, and the government is being intentionally sketchy about what the taxation and welfare rights will be. All sounds like a half hearted effort, even Senator Norris stated “It seems to me to be a mean-minded, begrudging, minimal proposal”… I tend to agree with the Senator. Personally, I couldn’t give a damn what they call it – marriage, partnerships, a happy meal – once the legal status is the same, and this bill falls very, very short of that.

    Shame on the Green Party for allowing this to pass, they seem to be more interested in light bulbs than gay rights, and I for one will not be voting for them again.

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 25 Jun 2008, 7:06pm

    William, not even do Civil Partnerships in the UK accord ALL of the rights of marriage, so in fact, they are NOT equal, and never will be. There isn’t one country that offers pseudo marriage in which all the rights and privileges are conferred. Holland, Belgium, Norway, Canada and S. Africa abandoned segregation entirely for its gay citizens. Sweden and probably Denmark will undoubtedly follow suit.

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 25 Jun 2008, 7:28pm

    At least in Ireland, you have an active Gay voice advocating for full marriage equality. In the UK we have no such thing. For those of us who wanted to marry, supposedly the minority though nobody really knows for sure, that right was bargained away by Stonewall and others who believe in being separate from the rest of society just as long as we get most of the rights that straights enjoy, otherwise we would have faced the wrath of the almight C of E and its christo-fascist naysayers. A lame excuse if ever there were when you consider Spain faced far more difficulty passing marriage equality. What the UK did is rather unique in any modern western society. By legalising civil partnerships its has added another tier to the class-structure in a society that is already class-ridden for which we are so notorious. I see no equality in that either. Its quite offencive and insulting for British gay couples who are forced to leave their homeland to marry in a more enlightened society only to return home and receive a slap in the face telling them, “sorry folks, your marriage isn’t recognised here but we will recognise it as a civil partnership”. Its apparent that the British government, Stonewall et al have a convenient case of dyslexia when reading a marriage licence and a blatant disregard for others in the gay community who want the option to marry. Its absurd and illogical.

  5. This is progress. Think of the stick it is jammed in the eye of one of the world’s most regressive religious institutions.

    While I certainly realize that anything that does not confer “all the legal rights, benefits and responsibilities of marriage” is second class, it is just part of the road that societies follow to end bigotry and religious terrorism, and change social attitudes. There are so many people out there that have a hard time with the word marriage, for it has more of a religious than legal connotation. But civil unions, however imperfect, are just another way to get gay people seen as part of the mainstream of our societies. And for all those struggling but fair on thus issue str8 people, CU’s will help move societies along the path of more progress, it is just another part of ending ” the closeting of gay people” by religious terrorism. AS a comment, here in America, we are still struggling with the aftermath of slavery, the civil war to end slavery, and segregation. But we have made great progress, of which the ultimate example will be the probable election of a Black American as President this November.

    If I were God and dictator, I would abolish legal marriages, past and present. They would be replaced by civil unions, which would grant all the rights etc of the previous legal marriage mechanism. I would leave the word “marriage” to be a religious ceremony only, that confers absolutely no recognition under the law. The church’s could do what they want, and gay and str8 people would stand equally before and under the law. And this would also be another way to break church – state bonding, which over the millenia, has showed itself to be one of the monster dangers of society. From the Dark Ages, to 9/11 etc are he examples of mankind’s worst mistake, and that even includes much of the rational for WWII.

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