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Homophobes plan protest against Sofia Pride

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  1. Unfortunately there are many fascist active today in the former Stalinist countries of Eastern Europe. The European union should look closely at what is happening in countries such as Bugaria. Croatia, where the fascist are very popular is another case in point. The fascists pose a threat to homosexuals and basic democratic rights everywhere in Europe. They need to be outlawed and jailed whenever they openly espouse pro-Nazi and fascist ideology. Sixty years ago these very forces collaborated with the Nazi invaders.

  2. I think all these countries were repressed under the soviet so called communist system and national feeling was suppressed. I am in no way FOR it but I think we have got to understand where this is coming from and respect the fact of the suppression of 2 or even 3 generations. It means there is a reaction but it is no accident that this is a phenomenon of the former soviet/communist countries and we in the west are not immune from it either. These are simply not the same forces, not the same people at all, not the same experience and we resist them by NOT becoming like them. It is fascists who jail people for free speech why would we do that? Lets get on with supporting the positive forces like PRIDE who are vulnerable and brave if not heroic…lets focus good energy where it will achieve something.

  3. Alex, Sofia 26 Jun 2008, 3:16pm

    let’s just hope we don’t get to see scenes like the ones we had in serbia back in 2001 when they staged the first PRIDE there

  4. Alex, Sofia 26 Jun 2008, 3:17pm

    lets hope we don’t get to see the same scenes as we had in Belgrade when they organised the first PRIDE there:

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