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Tory MP attacks Home Secretary over Iran comments

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  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 Jun 2008, 5:05pm

    “This is one way to get the message through on their hypocrisy regarding lesbian and gay rights issues — when embassies in other countries are flying the rainbow flag they aren’t doing this in Tehran, Kingston or Kampala.”

    To prove Ms. Smith’s point, why doesn’t the UK Ambassador to Iran fly the rainbow flag outside of the embassy? Why should any gay citizen of any oppressive regime have to keep a low profile in order to exist. It was bad enough in the UK during the 50s, an era of oppression, repression and people thrown in jail for engaging in same-sex sex behind closed doors. Is this what Ms. Smith is condoning by her stubborn refusal to acknowledge that the situation in Iran and elsewhere is appalling?

  2. It’s of no surprise such accomplice words to that genocide regime. Here in this very site we’ve read people advocating the “different view” to Iran, so welcome to “discreet” tourists, so eager to go back to spend money in a country where thousands of homosexuals –and women- have been murdered just for being accused of what the consider morally inadmissible.
    Weak minds strengthen the regimes. Later, those very same minds argue oblivion on their part.

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