What would Valerie Singleton think?

Former Blue Peter face Stuart Miles is all set to shock audiences at this year’s Edinburgh Festival with a “three woman” drag show entitled The Adventures of Pink Peter.

It’s all there – campery, sticky back plastic, campaigns and a take-off of the iconic Valerie, in the form of her imaginary sister Vera.

“There is a subtle link to Blue Peter but any references are nostalgic and affectionate,” Miles, who presents a daily show on Gaydar Radio, told The Independent.

“I’m proud of my time at Blue Peter, it gave me a lot of opportunities and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.”

What Valerie thinks, no-one knows, but she has been updating her image without Miles’ help, revealing in the Sunday papers that had a “brief fling” with her co-presenter Peter Purves.

Singleton, who was a favourite with dads across the land, occupied the Blue Peter sofa from 1962 to 1972.

She also told the Mail on Sunday that rumours she is a lesbian was untrue.

“Every single friend of mine has at some point had to deny the rumour – it really is rubbish. I’m very honest and if I were that way inclined I’d have said so.”

Never mind lesbianism – the revelation that she had sex with mild-mannered Purves will have been too much for some BP aficionados.

Adventures of Pink Peter’ at the Edinburgh Fringe – tickets from Sweet Venue Box Office on 0870 241 0136.

London previews on 9 and 10 July, Downstairs at Barcode, 3-4 Archer Street W1D 7AP. Call 07989 395718 to reserve tickets now.