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English bishops snub Archbishop of Canterbury over homosexuality

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Reader comments

  1. Edward in Los Angeles 21 Jun 2008, 11:57pm

    A black man (Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester) trying to deny other minorities basic rights. That’s pretty disturbing. Even more disturbing is what he’s trying to do to gay men who are black.

  2. Disestablish the CoE.

    Let the State take back its property (churches, etc)

    Let these unimportant, but vocal, bigots try to earn aliving without the wealth the church has acrued (not least because of its tax-free status).

    And deny them the special rights to consultation and interference in politics and the law.

    If they can produce their god or saviour to contest the issue then let them.

    Otherwise the loss of these parasitic superstionists would be un-noticed

  3. He had his hopes to be Archbishop of Canterbury, then later York, dashed. I don’t suppose peek had anything to do with his decision not to attend for one minute. However the other senior bishops with an eye on Canterbury, such as Scott-Joynt, must be in turmoil, because not to attend Lambeth but to go to Gaffe-Con might be seen as quasi-treasonable by the Crown that does the appointing. He must be on a bed of pain, wrestling with such a dilemma.

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Jun 2008, 2:13pm

    apYrs, I’ve been advocating for many years for the disestablishment of the church and the banning of all government funding for all religious denominations. After all, theirs is a chosen lifestyle, a luxury that the tax payers should not be responsible for. As long as they continue to take our tax pounds for granted, they do not have the right to any political debate or influencing the outcomes of equality legislation. The Church oF England likes its cousin, the Catholic church among others, are morally bankrupt. Who are they to say who and how we love and which rights we should or should not have. Let these cancrous leeches fend for themselves. Let them solicit private donations to prop up their elitist, class-ridden lifestyle and stop villifying our lives based on one arguably questionable reference in Leviticus. Rowan Williams and Papa Ratzi would do well to read the scriptures one more time, both old and new. There is much that they deliberately choose to ignore that is applicable to them and their fellow straights. It is so transparent why they dismiss much of it, yet cling to one line in Leviticus to justify their bigotry, hypocrisy and discrimination towards us.

    William, Akinola et al….click on the link or paste to your browser to remind yourselves of what scripture says about you and your kind.

  5. Martin Davies 22 Jun 2008, 5:19pm

    But at the end of the day, do the majority of us really care that they ‘won’t go to the meeting? Perhaps we should request full publication of said cleric expense claims, for if they attend Canterbury or the UK and claim expenses but not attend the Lambeth conference main meetings – surely that is fraud in any countries financial laws? As a gay clergy spouse in the UK I see the cloaked daggers of a nazi like political party hiding behind the alter cloths of the state church, whilst they manipulate their perverse morality beliefs in the name of a Christ.

    For those observant enough, even the frank and open discussions that took place on this subject on bulletin boards appeared to be mysteriously censored when the Bill Gates ‘Charitable foundation’ bought out the website group, closing the London office with associated redundancies.

    When the hypocrites that sit in the seats of power in the C of E are dispatched then I might find time to review my disdain for my partners vocation, it is sad that at the coal face of church ministry so much good is done but becomes overwhelmed by the detritus appointed to ‘direct’ their ministry. One is only amazed more at these ‘bishops’ by the fact that some insipid goblin like Whitehall minions actually sat and signed them off as suitable to head their associated Diocese and presented them as fit for office to the Crown.
    The Vicars Tart.

  6. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Jun 2008, 5:26pm

    Correction…I was referring to Rowan Williams in the last sentence. Anytime the hierarchy raises the issue of homosexuality, I always beat them over the head with the scriptural references found in Just be aware, that they’ll come back at you with every excuse to dismiss most of them and say they are no longer relevant but they’ll use Leviticus with impunity to justify their bigotry towards us. Iris Robinson was a classic case in point.Just how misguided let along bigoted do they get? Pretty sick people if you ask me.

  7. Philip - ex-pat Brit 22 Jun 2008, 11:07pm

    Once again the church has missed the whole point. “The Church” is about the people that belong to the faith – all of them. There is a simple message in the New Testement – love. Nowhere does it say love this person and not that person. The whole point of Christs ministry on earth was to put right what was going wrong within the faith. So lets get on with what he taught shall we – try loving everyone else as much as you love your own power and opinions.

  8. Unfortunately, Philip – ex-pat Brit, a lot of Christians look to the Pauline writings and the other as their gospel, rather than the reported words of Christ.

  9. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 Jun 2008, 11:34am

    apYrs, yes, Paul was one of the culprits. I’ve also met many socalled christians who when confronted with the negative references about straights in the old testament conveniently state…”well…that was the jewish part of the bible, not applicable to christians”. Yet they’ll use Leviticus with impunity. So transparent. Its that one reference that all denominations use to justify discrimination and hatred against one group.

  10. The complete disestablishment of the C of E is long over due and their priviledged positions in the House of Lords should go with it too.

    Talk about a useless bunch of parasites.
    A few years of hard work in a factory, earning a living that way would do them all good, instead of vilifying others.

    Apparently “struggling with their own consciences” is the hardest graft they have ever done. Nice work if you can get it.

  11. Martin Davies - C of E Gay Clergy Spouse 23 Jun 2008, 12:30pm

    Actually some of them came to the church because it was their last hope of pay for no work.
    The issue is simple, you live in Europe you abide by European and international laws or get out. I am sure that the rats of Vatican city could move over for a few more. As a gay clergy spouse I REFUSE TO GO TO CHURCH, and find myself thinking that the financial benefits of the religious organisations need to be ‘addressed’ for the regulations of both state and such as the charities commission seem to be ignored numerous times when it suits. (See guidelines on prejudice and hatred)

    I recall the actions of the Scouting movement in recognising their community members who just happened to be gay. they said its OK, just don’t play around – which is state law anyway, and get on with scouting. Where was the hassle there?

    Perhaps society’s hassle comes from what we see now; those in positions of self professed, moral, spiritual, authoritarian and financial ‘superiority’ expressing their miss-fit ideology on the rest of society.

    Having been with my partner for 25+ years now, we have lived in fear of life itself because of these ‘parasites’ with which we have to share our society, and even worse we see more of how disgusting many of the Senior Clerics and Bishops are at first hand by what we witness of them in private. I wonder just who are the goblins of Whitehall and the C of E that have watched and authorised these Bishops as fit to practise and ‘lead the nation in prayer’. I am quite suer that society could find a few tramps on the highways that could equal them in moral values, and clearly the so called high educational and spiritual intellects do not seem to be effective in spreading peace and harmony in this turbulent world.

    Laughable, they make me puke.

  12. I find it impossible to feel sorry for Williams. He has spent his time sucking up to and grovelling to the bigots to keep the communion together, that he has lost support of the liberal end of the church. And those gay clergy and others who saw him as a potential allie will only now support him for political reasons.

    I too have seen the private antics of clergyment. Some are among the bitchiest. most promiscuous and lazy people I have ever met.

  13. “I find it impossible to feel sorry for Williams. He has spent his time sucking up to and grovelling to the bigots to keep the communion together…”

    Archbishop Rowan has been doing his job, which is to hold a communion of very disparate provinces together in the love of Christ. It’s a job I don’t envy him (and which I don’t for a second suppose he has enjoyed) but do you really think any of the alternative candidates would do a better job? Maybe you’d like to see +Nazir-Ali or +Scott-Joynt heading the communion? +N.T. Wright, perhaps? Our bishops are – with a few exceptions – a hopeless bunch (a problem throughout the Communion generally, and not limited to the UK), but this should not obscure the fact that the vast majority of faithful Anglicans, lay and clergy, gay and straight, are going on with their lives, living as best as they can in the imitation of Christ, and not allowing themselves to be distracted by the absurd side-shows in Jerusalem and at Lambeth. Why non-Anglicans should therefore allow themselves to become so exercised about the whole affair I cannot imagine.

  14. rj

    I don’t care about the lifestyle choices people make, or who ther lifestyle coaches are. My concern is that said lifestyle coaches sit in the Hose of Lords, and have impacr on political decisions.

    To our detriment

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