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More than 100 people complain to police about “gay cure” MP

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Reader comments

  1. She should be ashamed!

  2. Oh, they’re a strange breed up north.

  3. Iris Robinson is a particularly objectionable individual, but it is possibly even more offensive that she is subject to a police inquiry merely for stating her (admittedly repellent) views. Free speech should not, under any circumstances, be criminalised. This unnerving episode contributes to my growing sense of unease about the restrictions placed on our liberties by a police-led public morality.

  4. Edward in Los Angeles 20 Jun 2008, 9:04am

    That’s easy for you to say. Perhaps you’ve never had your head bashed in after being chased by a gang of hooligans shouting “faggot” at you? Try it sometime…you’ll be amazed how soon you ask people to differentiate between free speech…and the unnerving freedom to hate–

  5. Please sign the petition and let Iris Robinson know how offensive her comments were to the Gay Community not only in Northern Ireland but the UK as a whole. Iris Robinson was speaking as a UK member of Parliament remember.

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