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Bishop’s anger at priest who conducted same-sex “wedding”

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  1. and why are we still affording these prattling prelates their self claimed courtesy titles e.g.”the Right Reverend”. Their job titles should be enough, anything else is toadying to them.

    I haven’t seen many “honourable, right honorable, gallant and honourable, learned and honourable”s quoted here with respect to MPs, so why for these leaders of superstition – is Pink News scared of them, or just in awe of them?

  2. I notice my previous remark was removed. Was it because I used a “naughty” word, or wa it because I was dismissive of Xianity as something worth bothering with except as an influence to oppose.

    I would have though that since we all have to give our email addresses someone may have emailed me to tell me the reason

    Never mind, censorship has raised is head to protect ?something. I hope not the hierarchy of the church, or some tender feelings of gay Xians who happily live in this abusive realationship

  3. Oh, goody – an old-fashioned anti-clerical rant. How wonderfully original! How terribly provocative! And wild allegations of censorship too. Oh you are a one, apYrs!

    Nevertheless, I do rather doubt that Pink News is troubled to defend “the hierarchy of the church, or some tender feelings of gay Xians…” Both these things, I suspect, are quite robust enough to withstand your withering scrutiny.

  4. thank you for your considered and witty critique rj.

    When you have something to add rather than a bitchy little aside that illustrates quite well the shallowness of your thought feel free to engage me again.

    The fact is my original comment has disappeared. It could be a system error (they do happen sometimes) but manula intervention is equally likely.

    I have noticed a falling off of debate on this board, I wonder why people have left in droves?

  5. “I have noticed a falling off of debate on this board, I wonder why people have left in droves?”

    My guess is because every time someone tried to give an opinion, some overwrought caffeine junkie insists in shouting you down, or you get verbally assaulted/insulted by extremist political nuts like Bill Perdue who simply drown the debate with shallow repetitive rubbish.

    There’s also the appalling rise of religious nuts who are so “brave” they have to come in here and spout a silly right-wing line or two so they can believe they are appeasing a god.

    That’s my take on it apYrs. Still, there are some good regulars here, always with a good point to make, yourself apYrs, Robert (ex-Pat), Sister Mary Clarence, William from Dublin all come to mind… all might have different opinion (sometimes quite diverse ones!), but I have always found the comments funny and insightful. There’s still hope for us yet!

  6. Robert, ex-pat Brit 20 Jun 2008, 11:19am

    apYrs, if as you assume, your post has been manually removed by Pink News, then it will confirm that it too agrees with Lord Waddington’s amendment to allow christian zealots to use offensive language towards LGBT people if they find our lives offencive. Of course, this might be a technical error, some of mine have also not posted.

  7. Robert, ex-pat Brit 20 Jun 2008, 12:59pm

    “I have noticed a falling off of debate on this board, I wonder why people have left in droves?”

    apYrs, I’m going to sound naive, but could it be that some are on holiday? Or are those who you usually see here posting under different names perhaps? Anything is possible to deflect a conflicting point of view to avoid the customary villification by the right wing die-hards.

  8. Robert, ex-pat Brit 21 Jun 2008, 2:28pm

    Don’t know about you, but I have a gut feeling Bishop Chartres is probably gay himself. Like many of them, they often hide behind their own marriages to deflect who they really are.

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