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LGBT Christian group describe Archbishops’ condemnation as “indefensible”

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Reader comments

  1. OMAR KUDDUS 18 Jun 2008, 12:58pm

    1. Discriminate against homosexuals through legal loophole ! Forget The Sexual Orientation Regulations, which came into force last year, making it illegal to discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation when accessing goods or services. What is wrong with the EU law of Human rights and in particular Article 14 – prohibition of discrimination
    Article 14 contains a prohibition of discrimination. This prohibition is broad in some ways, and narrow in others. On the one hand, the article protects against discrimination based on any of a wide range of grounds. The article provides a list of such grounds, including sex, race, colour, language, religion and several other criteria, and most significantly providing that this list is non-exhaustive. On the other hand, the article’s scope is limited only to discrimination with respect to rights under the Convention. Thus, an applicant must prove discrimination in the enjoyment of a specific right that is guaranteed elsewhere in the Convention (e.g. discrimination based on sex – Article 14 – in the enjoyment of the right to freedom of expression – Article 10). Protocol 12 extends this prohibition to cover discrimination in any legal right, even when that legal right is not protected under the Convention, so long as it is provided for in national law.
    2. Are we not all equal in Gods eyes?

  2. Their naivety in expecting the primates to be anything other than condemnatory is worrying.

    THe Church hates gays.

    It has hated gays for just under two thousand years

    Before the Xians, the Jews hated gays.

    It’s in their black book. It’s in their theology. No matter how people try and twist it; no matter how nice and supportive individual Xians are, their ethos is homophobic. They can’t change what was written down, nor can they try to re-interpret it. The Xian god hates gay sex (as well as most other sex). Accept it, get over it, leave the bigots and foght for dis-establishment and revocation of tax breaks.

  3. Len van den Berg 18 Jun 2008, 2:31pm

    This Institution is Jezebellic to the core. Jezebel always had a personal vendetta against gay people ever since she was killed by the eunuchs in the days of Elijah (2 Kings 9:30-32). So as long as we tolerate her she keeps us away from our rightful inheritance and harvest. We need to stop tolerating this Jezebellic institution and then we will receive a sceptre to rule the nations (Rev2:20-26)

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