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EU confirms sexual orientation will be included in discrimination directive

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Reader comments

  1. OMAR KUDDUS 18 Jun 2008, 7:27pm

    “Commissioner Jacques Barrot confirmed to the European Parliament in Strasbourg that the European Commission will propose a cross-cutting directive aimed at combating discrimination on grounds of age, disability, religion/belief and sexual orientation in areas outside the field of employment. We greatly appreciate their political leadership in making this important decision to extend the protection against discrimination to all non-discrimination grounds mentioned under the EU Treaty, and to ensure that all people in Europe are equally protected from discrimination and enjoy the same rights.”
    Then why as a European am I denied the equality and treated as a second-class citizen, having to accept second best or a compromise.
    The British Government still treats us as if we live and are different, and none of the EU parliament shall or puts pressure on Britain to enforce the EU rights of Humanity.
    Just how many people and individuals lives is the government going to ruin and destroy before it accepts that all nations are not as liberal or tolerant as those in Europe?
    How many lives, and blood on its hand, for it is no better than the regimes that enforce the punishment, is it going to take Britain to realise that Homosexuality is just as much a fundamental Human Right as any other and do the right thing and grant asylum to immigrants who are persecuted just for their sexuality. The Government cannot expect that each and every individual case be argued on its individual merit, and the stance that they are safe as long as they are discreet is starting to wear thin and sound like a broken record.
    Do the Right thing, and show the world that like our fellow European allies Britain has compassion and put the Great back into the name.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 19 Jun 2008, 3:44pm

    Its one thing to issue directives and quite another to mandate them. Unless the latter occurs, these new recommendations will have absolutely no import. Offender nations such as Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Russia and other eastern european members will do what they always do, persistently ignore them.

    apYrs, its also a fundamental civil right to be able to marry a person of one’s choice. About time the EU took a serious look at that issue too. Its absurd, in an Europe that is supposed to be striving for unity as one entity, there is no conformity on equality issues. Only four countries allowing their gay citizens to marry so far, maybe 6 in a few months. Its ridiculous and offencive to many and our own country that doesn’t recognise married gay couples’ status who’ve legally married elsewhere. Might as well not recognise the marriages of straight couples from other parts too to make it fairer.

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