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Roman Catholic adoption agency to discriminate against homosexuals through legal loophole

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Reader comments

  1. Eric James 16 Jun 2008, 5:09pm

    They should actually make a law making it impossible for religious people to adopt children. Why should vulnerable youngsters be subjected to that level of brainwashing?

  2. A twist on Rev Reynolds own words “When these needy children are so powerless it is a shame for the UK Government to be seen playing such power games with their future happiness.”

    The Crown has outlawed Catholicism (again). The kids suffer because of the new law, not because of the church which has cared for orphans for 2000 years. It is gender politics that is destroying the good work the church does. Place the blame where it belongs you hypocrite.

  3. the government is attempting to outlaw bigotry in public life, where the public purse is contributing, and the public are offered service.

    So Jack the only “outlawing” has been to stop the RC church from being sanctimonious hypocrites. Nobody forced ther high profile whinge, they just wan to appear martyred

  4. If the Roman Catholic church refuses to obey the law of the land and intends to discriminate against gay people, then the answer is simple: repeal the Catholic Emancipation Act.

  5. Theey are enaacting the gay ewomancipation act. Hypoocrite.

  6. john wilfred sharp 17 Jun 2008, 3:58am

    I totally agree religious people should not be allowed to adopt.
    they brain wash children with non proven messages . no religion should be tough to anyone before their majority, only they they can decide what they want to learn .the church should be put to court.religious institutions should pay taxes on all their assets and income .religious movements should not get public money

  7. The RC Church IS using these poor children as political pawns. If it was ANY other law they would obey it!!!!

  8. Robert, ex-pat Brit 17 Jun 2008, 1:38pm

    By what moral authority does the RC deign to discriminate. It is THE church wherein the paedophile pandemic erupted. I enjoin all of you to call for the repeal of state funding to religious denominations and for the disestablishment of state religion that props up bigotry, discrimation, hypocrisy while not being subject to taxation as the rest of us. They are nothing more than parasites. Let them support themselves and rely on private donations not our taxes. Better yet, let the Vatican sell off its vast treasures, real estate and investment to pay for them. That would really be in the true spirit of christianity, giving away all they have to the power.

  9. Robert, ex-pat Brit 17 Jun 2008, 4:34pm

    Ooooooops, correction! I meant to have said…”discrimination” not “discrimation” on the third line and “poor” instead of “power”, the last word of the last sentence, my apologies.

  10. omar kuddus 17 Jun 2008, 9:43pm

    Descriminate against homosexuals through legal loophole ! Forget The Sexual Orientation Regulations, which came into force last year, making it illegal to discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation when accessing goods or services. What is wrong with the EU law of Human rights and in particular Article 14 – prohibition of discrimination
    Article 14 contains a prohibition of discrimination. This prohibition is broad in some ways, and narrow in others. On the one hand, the article protects against discrimination based on any of a wide range of grounds. The article provides a list of such grounds, including sex, race, color, language, religion and several other criteria, and most significantly providing that this list is non-exhaustive. On the other hand, the article’s scope is limited only to discrimination with respect to rights under the Convention. Thus, an applicant must prove discrimination in the enjoyment of a specific right that is guaranteed elsewhere in the Convention (e.g. discrimination based on sex – Article 14 – in the enjoyment of the right to freedom of expression – Article 10). Protocol 12 extends this prohibition to cover discrimination in any legal right, even when that legal right is not protected under the Convention, so long as it is provided for in national law.

  11. I was adopted and although I consider myself to be catholic I am ashamed of stories like this one and am horrified by the Church’s attitude. There are so many children out there who need parents! What is the Church’s solution? To leave them in their orphanages and care homes? How can they possibly suggest that that is better than growing up with loving supportive families?
    Young, old, gay, straight…it doesn’t matter as long as a couple or individual can give a kid the love it deserves.

  12. It is easy to determine who is playing games.

    Who was helping children and minding their own business? – The Catholic Church

    Who initiated the attacks – The Government

    Who is trying to impose their rules on another – The Government

    Who is giving the ultimatum? – The Government

    To accuse the Catholic Church of playing games when they are simply refusing to change their morals after Government attacks is ridiculous.

    If the something bad happens to the children, like the adoption agency is closed down, it would be on the Governments hands. Since they are the ones putting the lock on the door.

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