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Homosexuals found to have ‘different brain structure’ in new study

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  1. Yet another try –whether intentional or not- to make homosexuality a gender anomaly. Wow, may be in the future they can –based on whatever bogus conclusions they assume- prevent babies to be born with such a “biological” error.
    Can be done the same study with the inverse? I mean, you see the brains and you determinate who’s sleeping with who? Wow, I know some African presidents and Middle eastern Leaders willing to make the try.
    By the way, I like tangerines, does it make my brain different too?

  2. What a load of rubbish. Yet more bad research, on a tiny sample size, predicated on the crazy idea that everyone is either gay or straight. It’s about time we started hitting clueless scientists and the low-grade journals which publish this kind of nonsense with a great big clue stick.

  3. Prof Skeptic 16 Jun 2008, 5:43pm

    Yet another inconclusive study – what a waste of energy. In fact, a study should be launched to prove that homosexual brains are far superior to their inferior heterosexual counterparts, as homosexual people are generally far superior to their heterosexual counterparts anyway. Perhaps these scientific hets should go back into their research closets and one day perhaps emerge with a conclusion about their stupidity. Enough already!

  4. Jesus Christ when are these idiots are going to give up? I am gay and all that means is that I am attracted to the same sex in a physical as well as an emotional way. That is all. There is no other difference between me and a heterosexual person. Period.

  5. This is meaningless. These studies are all done in an attempt oto prove that “Gayness” is not a choice. The problem is this study only shows correlation, but does not show causality.

    It is a known fact that behaviours and learning change synaptic structures in thte brain. Brain structures are changed by learning and practising behaviours. The brain structure does not cause the behaviour, the behaviour causes the brain to change.

    This study is meaningless.

  6. Chris Heron 18 Jun 2008, 11:00pm

    57 years of observation have convinced me there are differences between gay and straight men that bear no obvious relation to sexuality. Just as I have rarely met a stupid Jew, I don’t meet many thick gays either. Gays and Jews contribute to culture far beyond the statistically expected level.

    Also I’ve noticed very many gay men love food, clothes and elaborate ritual. Myself, I only love the last – I dress like a scarecrow and wouldn’t bother to eat if I didn’t have to. This has made for a difficult life…

    Bu whether these differences are genetic or the result of later influences has yet to be settled. In fact they are almost certainly the result both of genes and environment, as are most of our characteristics. If there are genes associated with homosexuality they only predispose to it, and do not determine it. A gene predisposing to homosexuality may treble your chances of being gay from 3% to 9%, but that means that most who have that gene are not gay!

  7. Thank you commenters!!! There is such wisdom in these comments from both Same-sex attraction folks and from the strait. There are so many people in America that do not read these studies critically. They read the headline and just assume the conclusion of the journalist. THe journalist is trained to write headlines that are provocative so you will read the artical. This turns into a dangerous cycle. People hear what they want to hear and their assumptions of Faith and the passions blind them from being critical. Once again another study that implies a bunch but that proves very little.

    1. Hey in lost I’m. a guy who’s wants to be a girl I’ve always felt that way when I was borne I’ve always played with the girls not guys I have 3 older brothers all of them are straight idk but I always felt as I had a woman’s brain I’ve always acted like female thought female and love men I am so attracted to me I have no feeling to girls I am feminen and guys always tell me in gorgious beautiful hot as hell etc what do ya think I should do? Sexy change estra dot patch?

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