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Gay activist vows to sue “gay cure” MP

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  1. This poor young woman is sadly misled. Of course she is entiltled to her opinion (however bigoted,narrow and incorrect) to force the opinion on others is extemely impolite and somewhat ignorant ! If this is a taste of a political agenda thet she represents it equates with the Ideas that caused the holocaust.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 13 Jun 2008, 7:17pm

    Robert, well said. The problem with all this is that religion gets carte blanche to run rough-shod over us, please or offend. A different story when we in turn denigrate the likes of Robinson and organised religion as a means of retaliation. Nobody should be above the law and there should be no exception for religion. Further, one’s religious beliefs have absolutely no place in the political arena.

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