He served as the artistic director for Truth or Dare and then again for her Girlie Show Tour.

Then, by most accounts, Madonna and brother Christopher Ciccone had a falling out.

So what’s an estranged brother to do? Write a tell all, of course.

The Associated Press is reporting that Madge’s gay brother Christopher has closed a deal with book publisher Simon & Schuster to ink a bio on her life, a bio her publicist reveals she’s not involved with.

Life With My Sister Madonna will have an initial print run of 350,000 copies and chronicle Christopher’s 47 years of growing up with Madonna, the publisher said.

No financial details were revealed.

Ciccone will work closely with famed biographer Wendy Leigh, best known for her works on Liza Minnelli, Grace Kelly and a highly critical look at the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

According to the singer’s publicist, Liz Rosenberg, Ciccone and his sister are no longer close.

No further information was given on their falling out.

Look for Life With My Sister Madonna in July.

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