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Lesbian Vampire Killers movie angers campaigners

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  1. Gays have double standards, they pounce on anything that they find offensive, yet when their behaviour is offensive they get the violin out and portray themselves as victims. If you make your sexual preference the whole topic of your life, many find it distasteful.

  2. Well ….. as a lesbian (& not a vampire) I dont know whether to be outraged or excited!!

    I do think however the previous comment was very harsh – just the term ‘gays’ suggests you are judging us all as the same.

  3. James, it’s your right to be offended by “our behaviour”. If you’re so hypersensitive to feel that way, and arrogant to think your opinion counts, I want you to be offended. No one is forcing you to watch or listen.

    What evidence you have that anyone makes sexual preference the topic of their whole life, I would like to see. But If you looked at what most men think, talk and read about – and you only have to look at the huge array of Mens Interest magazines in Tesco’s – you will find sexual preference is a huge topic of most people’s lives. Our brains have evolved to be this way, especially between about 16 and 35. Get out of your monastery and peek at the contents of Maxim, GQ, FHM, the Daily Star, the Sun… come on, the circulation figures speak for themselves. It’s a fact of life, straight or gay.

    As for the film… well there is a freedom of speech issue. The Porn Industry has been doing this for 40 years at least. I do not see how this film especially, denigrates women or lesbians any more than the countless others. Maybe I am desensitised, because here in Holland all the mainstream non-public TV channels have porn on after midnight. Our crackpot government (including the Christian Democrats and fanatical Christian Union) are trying to ban that too. If you don’t like it, you can always turn it off.

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