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Interview: DUP homophobia hurts vulnerable young people

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Reader comments

  1. Being ‘gay’ in Northern Ireland is hard enough without Iris Robinson and some of those other DUP bigots bible bashing us. Reverand David McIlveen and his free Presbyterian supporters launched their ‘Stop The Parade’ rally and held placards taunting us at Belfast’s gay pride each year with extremist hate filled messages and large placards saying ‘Sodomites’ ‘And Abomination, ye will go to hell’. All this does is stoke up and encite hatred towards the gay community here. In the year 2008 this should not be happening in a part of Europe.

  2. You are right Conor, and that is why those of us who have made formal complaints to the Police need to test the system and establish whether such public figures are above the law when they incite such fear in the LGBT community and hatred amongst others. Iris Robinson has awoken a real sense of shame in many that this is what the world percieves people in N Ireland to be like, and many are gathering together now to see what can be done, how we can make a positive out of this situation; give victims, the broader community a voice and make a difference…a shared and better community/society.

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