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Homosexuals can change claims Iris’s “lovely” psychiatrist

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Reader comments

    No surprise that all those involved in this quack science are christian (or jewish). None of these findings from Jones and Yardhouse has been published in a PEER REVIEWED scientific journal. No surprise as all medical organisations are very clear on homosexuality.

    In Jones / Yarhouse’s work, closer examination of the ‘success stories’ do not make a conclusive case for people becoming heterosexual at all.

    The psychiatrists had in effect plenty of success in sexual repression of their patients: infact ‘Cure’ often really means celibacy or asexuality. IN particular, the authors report 23 percent of the participants achieved success in changing their sexual orientation by embracing chastity. That definition of success necessitates a premise that homosexuality is like e.g. alcoholism. Their success demands their patients to be convinced that no joy can be gained from love with someone of the same sex. And the devout, the vulnerable and the desperate are fertile ground for this message – and it’s their money which funds it too. It’s a lucrative business, too.



    (P. 36) “The sovereign and loving God of the universe made us and loves us. We all are tainted with the contagion of sin, and we all rebel against God.We are all sexual beings by design, and our sexual natures reflect both creation and the fall, and are exceedingly mysterious, complex, deep, and conflicted. …..And he sent his son Jesus to die for us and rise in triumph over death for us that we might be forgiven, adopted as His children, and live new lives as we abide in him…….And quite significantly, we have seen that this Christian understanding offers hope to the homosexual person: hope for forgiveness of sins, hope for release from bondage to sexual and other sins, hope for grace and fulfillment in life submitted to sexual purity and healing, hope that the entire Church will embrace these persons experiencing same-sex attraction as fellow sinners and as fellow disciples who follow the Risen Lord in obedience and humility.”

    >> THERE IS NO EVIDENCE FOR ANY OF THESE PREMISES. It follows therefore, there can be no basis to describe the subsequent ‘study’, which the Northern ireland minister’s psychiatrist refers to, as scientific.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Jun 2008, 3:30pm

    I wonder if this “very lovely psychiatrist” would accommodate a heterosexual to refrain from opposite sex attraction in order to become gay, assuming that were possible? If he claims he can help those same-sex attraction to turn away their natural orientation to the opposite sex, then let him and others demonstrate the reverse. If they could prove that, then maybe they’d have some credibility, but they don’t. You might be able to help a gay man or woman become celibate but you can never remove their natural orientation. The ex-gay organisations have had very few success rates, yet they claim they have thousands of success stories but none come forward, nor have they provided documented evidence with an independent, non ex-gay panel to verify their claims. Many of them are unqualified pscyhologists and some are disbarred practitioners of psychiatry or psychology and usually with a religious adherence to some denomination or other. They charge vulnerable gay men and women exorbitant fees with no guarantee of “conversion”. What a fraud!

  3. Erroll Clements 12 Jun 2008, 3:31pm

    As a ‘LOVELY’ man he’s going to be very trying to change us, what with a couple of hundred thousand gay people in the UK alone!Most of whom are happy with what they are, since after all we have a better lifestyle than the 2.5 mr normal boring hetrosexual couple! I knew I was gay at 7 year old, don’t remember choosing but certainly am not complaining !

  4. From what I can see of Iris she certainly needs this lovely psychiatrist to rid her mind of all her deep rooted fundamental christian phobias against the gay community. What harm have we ever done her and since when was she God’s pa?

  5. What amazes me is how all these straight people who are so horrified about gays, 1.Always know a counselor who cures us and 2. know so much about our sexual practices. Kind of worries me that they know things that don’t concern them and ignore actual decent counselors who could help them become more loving. Now that would be lovely.

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