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Christian Institute weighs into “gay cure” row

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Reader comments

  1. Erroll Clements 12 Jun 2008, 2:45pm

    Says it all, they call themselves ‘christians’ mean while they are two faced biggots………….don’t practice what they preach.Religion does more harm than good in this world, and does not relate to the modern day world, hence why the churches are only full of old people these days. Who in there right mind would want to believe !! My ‘Christian’ family threw me out because I was gay and was not prepared to change !

  2. Rev. Steve Smith 12 Jun 2008, 5:27pm

    There certainly is no such thing as a “Gay cure” but there is such a thing as loving other people for who and what they are. Is there such a thing as a “Christian Institute” cure I wonder?

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