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Homophobic assault victim calls on Iris to resign

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Reader comments

  1. Mrs Robinson is correct that homosexual acts are vile and an abomination. All the protests, crying, and moaning will not change that fact!

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 11 Jun 2008, 7:00pm

    Robinson, and I suppose you have first hand experience of “homosexual” acts as you call them? What a piece of damaged goods this woman is! I suppose she must also believe in polygamy, killing one’s wife or children, all in the old testament as is the verse in Leviticus from which she infers her justification for bigotry and hypocrisy towards us? How convenient for her and for the rest of the cultists who believe in an imaginary deity without any proof or reason. She and they must be insane.

  3. Leaving aside the differing opinions expressed; the legal issue is that in the part of the UK that Iris Robinson MP represents, she is subject to “Section 75” of the “Northern Ireland Act”. She was elected into high office to work and represent all of her constituency and as such is employed to provide a service to all communities without favour or prejudice. Section 75 requires her office, in carrying out its functions, to have “due regard” to the need to promote equality of opportunity”. Let her answer to the legal authorities.

  4. First she pretty much blames the victim for the savage attack he suffered, and then she plays the victim herself when people react to her outrageous and reprehensible comments. (If there were a witch hunt, it wouldn’t require much of a search.)

    It’s hard to imagine that her hostile attitude was much of a surprise to her husband, Peter Robinson; or that he doesn’t share her opinion to a great extent. It’s doubtful that the marriage would survive if there was a great disparity on something as important as basic human rights. We should probably conclude that he agrees with her but is a better politician and knows better than to air his true feelings in public.

  5. Everyone out there who is outraged by Iris Robinson’s views on gay people please sign this petition;

  6. Ian – I agree with you 100%. I actually spoke to the PSNI about this intemperate outburst by yet another DUP member. I am of the viewpoint that an elected member is a representative of the people and is tasked with building relations between different communities and creating a sense of equity. Not creating a bigger divide, not making abhorrent statements and not isolating the electorate one by one.

    Many statements have been made about Iris exercising freedom of speech, and Christianity being under attack and all that Jazz. Nevertheless, when the creators of ‘Jerry Springer – The Opera’ exercised their creative license and communicated various ‘views’ they were shot down in flames, lobbied and threatened with lawsuits regarding blasphemy.

    I’m sorry – you cannot have it both ways!

    Moreover, Iris is not just a Christian, she is an elected member, tasked with representing the people in her community and creating a community which celebrates diversity and embraces different cultures, ideas and opinions.

    Iris – You should hang your head in shame! You have succeeded only in highlighting your inability to be open-minded, accepting and exercise the equality role which your government is tasked with.

  7. Edward in Los Angeles 12 Jun 2008, 11:11am

    Robinson, it’s never a good idea to be proud to be a bigot. The reason for that is that hatred always goes out of style. Think about it: What makes you proud to besmearch gays today, your grand children will most likely look at with a ‘what’s with that??’ attitude when they grow up. It’s a generational thing. Why not spend your energies improving their lives and the lives of others, rather than spending all that energy ragging on people who are different than you?

  8. Eating seaside welks and, for that matter, oysters, is vile and an abomination and nothing can change that fact!
    Oops – forgot – that is a fact – changeable or otherwise – only about my subjective feelings about the matter.
    But confusing violent emotive rhetoric with serious moral argument is the stuff of the sort of bigotry that Mrs Robinson clearly has to play to in her natural political constituency. Public figures like her will not disappear until her support base does, which must be one of the goals of an open and inclusive society.

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