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I am defending the word of God says “gay cure” MP

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  1. William - Dublin 10 Jun 2008, 3:05pm

    No, my dear, you have it wrong… you’re actually “defending the word of” an idiot.

  2. She’s digging herself a deeper hole. Sins are a-plenty yet this woman seems to think she has to “defend the word of God” about one thing in particular when the Bible actually said nothing about homosexuality. The word was coined in the early 20th century. If she read her Bible properly she’d also see it condemns women who paint their faces like Jezabel. And if she wears trouser suits she’d see it condemns cross dressing, let alone mixing threads in a garment. In her terms the Bible is indefensible if it means finding support for a single universally-agreed meaning to the text. But then the woman is a bigot and by God (who is represented in the Old Testament by the cypher YHWH and no more than a character constructed by human authors to act in a series of narratives) she means something that mirrors her own desires and prejudices.

  3. she puts gays on the same footing as murderers: indeed, a murderer who accpets Christ as his personal friend and saviour is no longer a sinner according to the twaddle she believes.

    As usual a fundie who cherry picks. According to scripture she’s puting herself above men, and not fulfilling her role as “helpmeet” (sic)

    Everone pays for her so why should those she condemns have to put up with it

  4. My sweet goodness, why are Christians hypocrites???

    According to the Bible, we should also stone adulterers to death, along with those who work on the Sabbath.

    I don’t see streets of the dead each Sunday, do you? How can they pick and choose what pieces of the religion to follow? If you have faith in the word, you have to accept all or none, or surely God will be just as annoyed?

    Some counter this by saying things such as ‘Yes but those are the old teachings of the Old Testament, Jesus said those things are not relevant anymore’. If that is the case, since Jesus doesn’t mention gay or lesbian at all, then what are they complaining about???

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 10 Jun 2008, 5:48pm

    apYrs, indeed, the majority of the mainstream christian denominations cherry pick ad infinitum but will use one or two vague references in Leviticus to promote hatred and intolerance and discrimination of one particular group.

    Why is it that religious denominations get a free pass to make antigay statements, but when we bash their beliefs and religion in general, we’re prosecuted or silenced? In my understanding of democracy, true democracy, nobody is above the law. These parasitic cults are government funded, your hard earned tax pounds propping them up to spew their venom. We should all be pushing for the disestablishment of state religion, let them fund themselves and stop leeching off the tax payers. Another thing, clergy pay next to no taxes, how’s that for democracy? If the Queen has to pay, so should they. Robinson is a civil servant, she MUST represent all and keep her bigoted mouth shut on personal issues that belong in the home, not on the job. If she can’t understand that, then she should be dismissed. Let her go work as a cleaning lady in her local church or arrange flowers, plenty to do I’m sure.

  6. Robert, ex-pat Brit 10 Jun 2008, 6:02pm

    apYrs, yes indeed, cherrypicking is very convenient for the christo fascists such as this. Are you surprised though, the DUP is a breeding ground for them as are other right wing parties?

    Since this clearly sick woman is a civil servant, she needs to be reminded that she serves everyone and her personal bigtory towards gay people should be kept in the confines of her home. If she can’t understand that, then she should go find a job in her local church arranging flowers or cleaning perhaps would probably be more apt. The all cry foul when they’re castigated for expressing their religious beliefs, but its a whole different standard when we fire back damning their beliefs or religion. They want it their way all the time. In a true democracy, nobody is above the law and religious denominations should NEVER have been given a religious defence option. Their clergy pay next to no taxes, but yours are funding them. She has NO right singling out one group based on her bigoted and distorted views of what christianity is all about. Hers is a chosen lifestyle, I don’t care what her beliefs are, she should just keep them out of the workplace and stop denigrating our lives and existence by spewing her venom. She’s at the root of school bullying, children hear that kind of speech. None of us come into the world bigoted and full of hatred. Robinson has been taught to hate, unfortunately she uses the bible and her religious beliefs to justify it. She is to be pitied.

  7. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED 10 Jun 2008, 11:16pm

    This sow’s latest scandal is that she now compares us to murderers. It’s on BBC1 and youtube.

    Although religion is a featured characteristic of the DUP’s attacks on the Irish and on GLBT folks it’s not their primary motivation. In the case of the Irish religious bigotry verging on racism is the DUP’s excuse to impose and maintain an apartheid system, and in our case the DUP’s ‘bible fascist’ bigotry is part and parcel of their defense of privilege and wealth by attempting to ‘divide and rule’.

    In both cases the use of this carefully directed and politically motivated religious bigotry is very dangerous. It’s well known that Paisley’s DUP had deep connections with the UDF and other terrorist groups. Even the English authorities considered arresting him but in the end they needed Paisley too much. The result was years of harsh communal violence.

    The BBC says “Secret Public Record Office files from 1977 show senior Stormont officials believed Ian Paisley was associated with loyalist paramilitaries. The remarks made by the officials reveal they considered arresting the now first minister for conspiracy.”

    Sinn Féin is the pro–nationalist all-Ireland socialist leaning party that appears to take the strongest stand on GLBT rights. Recent polling in the Republic indicates that 58 percent support full same sex marriage rights while a mere 26 percent support the inferior second class citizenship option of civil unions/ and partnerships. The exciting news is that even in a country with a priest ridden past a total of 84 percent support us. (I couldn’t find similar stats for the north.) In the Republic Sinn Féin and Labour support same sex marriage against the policies of major right wing parties, FF, FG and the Greens.

    That’s why Sinn Féin continues to grow at the expense of the Greens and the majority parties. In the north however, both SF and the SDLP decided, since it was going to become law anyway, to support civil partnerships, a form of second class citizenship for which they were rightly criticized by GLBT groups.

    The right wing bigots who run the DUP and the Paisleyite cult should be prosecuted for hate crimes whenever they commit them. We should all support the Sinn Féin call to oust her from government, even if, especially if, it gets uncomfortable for the DUP and their Tory cousins.

  8. In the gospel according to St Matthew ch 10, the supposed Jesus of Nazareth warns his followers they will be mocked or hated because others will find their beliefs to be ridiculous, if not down right repulsive. While it is true for most devout believers, it is a moral obligation to do so in the case of this fanatical woman. Out of necessity, she is indeed at the centre of a witch hunt. It describes her character perfectly well. She and her party are making Northern Ireland to be the laughing stock of the UK.

    “Just as a murderer can be redeemed by the blood of Christ so can a homosexual.” This is correct, and underlines the repulsiveness of Christianity. Her comments raise a number of questions, which she should answer:

    First, Is it moral for a murderer to be forgiven? Is it right for the murderer of Jimmy Mizen, whose throat was slashed by a teenage thug with a chunk of broken glass in a South London bakery last month, to be absolved of his responsibility, just like that? Isn’t redemption of such people, almost as grotesque as the murder itself? A quarter of Waffen SS soldiers were said to be confessing catholics: were such people given a clear conscience each sunday after a hard week’s mass murdering?

    Secondly: will Mrs Robinson be able to tell the mother of Jimmy Mizen, that her son’s murderer was no worse than two people of the same sex, making love to eachother, an action that harms no-one?

    Thirdly, what is Mrs Robinson’s opinion about the Jews, and does she also believe that, as mentioned in 1 Thess 2:16, that the wrath of God is on them to the uttermost?

    Finally, does she accept the age of the earth as being 4.6 billion years old, and if not, how old does she believe this planet to be?

    It is no matter that her beliefs are beyond ridiculous. She can the suicide bomber’s consolation from the words of her saviour in Matt 10:22, in which “those who persevere to the end will be saved”.


    THANKS :)

  10. Do Not Judge….lest ye be judged! Love thy neighbor as thy self! God sent his only son to die on the cross to cleans us ALL of our sins. Those without sin…let them cast the first stone!
    If you haven’t figured it out yet…you don’t speak for God! You don’t get to judge mankind, only God does. God is a LOVING god and if you follow his teachings, you should be a LOVING person, spreading love, charity and faith, not hatred. Hate is from the devil. Don’t worry about our souls and our sins, worry about your own. We all will be judged one day, equally. In Gods eyes, we are ALL his children. All of us made in his image, and God doesn’t make mistakes! We are here for a purpose, just not one you are meant to understand. I have read the bible and know what it teaches. I don’t need you to tell me your interpretation of it. Take care of your own home. Mine is just fine as it is.

  11. Pol O'Murachu 11 Jun 2008, 9:19am

    Bill, let me guess, you’re some kind of American Irish “nationalist”? The “the” in your statement “the Sinn Fein” gives it away.

    Either way, you’re clearly not Irish with that dribble. I am sick to my back teeth of you f*ckers putting money into Sinn Fein’s coffers so they can extort money from illegal activities and conduct their “punishment” beatings in my country.

    Let me guess, never been to our country yourself, eh? But quite willing to sit in a pub in Boston somewhere drunk and verbally shitting about your love of the old country and its problems? Banging your chest and crying simply because your grand mother happened to eat a piece of shamrock ona drunken St. Patricks day?

    Grow up you fool, and keep your idiot views away from us. Its you mornons who have funded the violence in my country for all these years. You’re not Irish, and you never will be. Go sort your own f*cked up country first before coming onto this gay site with your uninfomred leanings towards Sinn Fein. And the comment “a country with a priest ridden past” is not only so bloody incorrect, its offensive.

    For all the other readers, especially the British readers, Sinn Fein have less than 4% of the popular vote in the Republic and they are not increasing their vote at the expense of the Greens, they are DOWN one seat from the 2002 election.

    At best Sinn Fein are a marginalised party and never will be anything more than the loony-left in the Republic. The Irish people don’t too easily forget, or forgive, they had a private army shooting the knees of people only too recently, and no matter what their positive stance towards gay rights are, their “army” is still engaged in illegal activities in the North. In actual fact, the main party supported by the LGBT community in the Republic is the Labour Party.

    Bill, you should shut up if you don’t understand what you talking about, especially when you’re so clearly wrong, and what you say is bordering on offensive to my country. We have a name for you and your kind, “plastic paddys”… although no name for one with such a basic wikipedia-orientated view of Irish politics.

  12. Padriag Moran 11 Jun 2008, 9:42am

    To Bill Perdue, your stats are incorrect.

    If you are referring to the Lansdowne Market Research for MarriagEquality in conjunction with GLEN poll, which is the latest and considered most accurate, the following results were obtained for the “south” of Ireland (properly referred to as the “Republic”):

    58% (not 86%) favour the availability of gay marriage. The 86% you refer to is not supporting gay marriage, but 86pc of people agree that children of gay and lesbian parents should have the same family rights as other children, and one quarter (26pc) believe that they should be allowed to form civil partnerships but not to marry. All positive, yes, but not in the way your have twisted the figures. One must strive to be accurate in quoting polls, don’t you agree, Mr. Perdue?

    Also, Labour does not support gay marriage in Ireland, it supports partnerships of equal rights to marriage, only the Greens and SinnFein do. And another point, at no time are the Greens in Ireland considered “right wing”, that is just nonsence. Neither are Fianna Gael for that matter. The Progressive Democrats would be considered the most right wing of mainstream Irish politics. Its arguable that Sinn Fein may purport left policies but they may be considered actually right wing as they support a staunch nationalist view with support from a militia in the form of the IRA.

    Pol is quite right on one thing, you don’t seem to know what you are talking about. Wikipedia is no substitute to visiting the country and talking with Irish people, Mr. Perdue.

  13. Mrs Robinson speaks the truth.

    It is sad that homosexual perverts have all this political power. I am glad that someone finally is accurately discribing the horrors of homosexuality!

    I hope she is stong enough to withstand the lies that will be told about her.

    I find it funny how cranky homosexuals are whenever their “lifestyle” is exposed. It is plain that homosexuals don’t want a cure. They want to infect!

  14. Firstly i must answer some of the bigoted rubbish spouted by Pol OMurachu………….I am an Irish Nationlist and heres what i think of your beloved Greand brits in a green flag Fine Gael
    Sinn Fein Never Ever were convicted of punishment beatings anywhere in Ireland which is more than we can say for the blue shirts…remember them…as for the past and whether we were priest ridden or not……wise up know that this is true…ask any woman who had to kneel down in front of one of them an be “cleansed” becauswe she had “defiled” herself by having a baby and by inference having horror of horrors sex with her husband. The same priests then waited a few years before they started sexually abusing those same children when the are still children. Magdelin Laundries…remember them…industrial schools …remember them…nothing more than institutionalized slavery. iSo wind your neck in and try not to be disingenuous. Bill Perdues stats may not according to you not be accurate but even your corrections are mostly majority so whats your point.
    We wouldnt be having this discussion today but for the cowardly climbdown by De VALERA over the six counties.
    If Fine Gale had their way youd still be doffing your cap to thne british queen in the commonwealth.
    Quite possibly youd be speaking german but for those American “Irish nationalists”
    By the way , in what sense do assume hes an irish nationlist because he referred to a proposal by Sinn fein….Just being informed about current affairs doesnt make one part of whatever one knows about.I know that Iris Robinson is a bigoted harridan but that doesn’t make me a member of the Dopey Unionist Party. To say that sinn fein are a marginalized party is to demonstrate that you spend a lot of time emulating an ostrich. Sinn fein have clearly outpaced all other parties on he island of Ireland in the last 20 years.
    In conclusion Our Country as you so eloquently put was a shambles
    until american and indeed british money started rolling in.Your prime minister telling people to tighten their belts as they were charged departure tax as they boarded the boat or plane out of here with their last pitiful few coins of dole money, while he ordered £100 shirts by the dozen from Paris and paid for them with other peoples money.
    One of the best prime ministers ever to sit in Leinster House was brought down by priestly corruption or had you conveniently forgotten Bishop Comisky,Bishop Casey & Fr Cleary et al and then what about the creep who hanged himself before he could be brought to book ..What about the recent revelations in n Donegal and on and on and finally…………….
    I am an Irish nationalist, I live in the north,was raised a roman catholic, Lived 10 years in the Us,(not by necessity) and i know what im talking about when say that most of what perdue had to say i agree with. Patrick O’Gormley

  15. William - Dublin 12 Jun 2008, 8:31am

    “Dopey Unionist Party” and “Sinn fein have clearly outpaced all other parties on he island of Ireland in the last 20 years”???

    Are you living in the same Ireland as I am????

    Bill and Patrick, now we have two shouting muppets screaming support for the IRA and their criminal activities.

    And your comment: As for the ” militia” you mention, the IRA;………..YOUD STILL BE DIGGING SPUDS ON A LANDLORDS “ESTATE” BUT

    Good one. That one is so wrong on so many levels, I wont even bother, you sad little freak.

  16. Padgaig Moran 12 Jun 2008, 8:36am

    “I am an Irish nationalist, I live in the north”

    Indeed, your ranting little piece is only proof that you people “up there” are behind the rest of us in the Republic by 90 years. Time to grow up and move on.

  17. well well William dublin…..First i didnt say the dup and sin fein. I said sinn fein outpaced all other parties on the island in the last 30 years, Fact. If the war of independence was fought by somebody other than the IRA im sure and hope you will enlighten me; nay, i want you to tell me by whom it was fought…the blue shirts perhaps? And i repeat you’d still be digging spuds on a landlords estate but for the IRA.Show me where “thats wrong on so many levels” Obviously i don’t mean you personally… speaking metaphorically of course… by the sound of you you’d probably be the overseer on a horse with a whip in your hand…….wise up little brit those days are im glad to say over. Your little dig at the end only goes to show the dying throes of a loser.Lets keep the personal abuse to a minimum. Padraig Morons abuse is even more telling.If we are 90 years behind at whom should we point the finger….yes the cowardly little priest ridden FREE STATE who cut us loose in 1921 and left us to be abused by the British and unionists. But the day is coming and indeed may already be here when Ulster will once again rule Ireland because guess what .we have grown up and are moving on It is very heartening to see so many large companies forsaking your corrupt sad little Free State and moving north where they always wanted to be.Welcome Aer Lingus, Ryan Air, Smurfits,Quinn Assurance etc etc………..Patrick

  18. William - Dublin 13 Jun 2008, 8:34am

    “your corrupt sad little Free State”

    What a delightful little nut job you are, Patrick. You would tell us if you had a stroke, wouldn’t you?

    Padraig is right, with an attitude as angry as yours and uninformed as yours, best stay up there where you belong. The Republic is doing just fine without you bitter freaks insulting both the British AND the Irish and still living in 1922.

  19. Since when was Iris Robinson God’s PA? Robinson’s comments are typical of the fundamental christain bigots that are rife in Northern Ireland spouting off from some biblical book that went out with the dark ages and has v little relevance today in the 21st century. Homosexuality is normal and can be seen in all species. It is designed by God to keep the world’s population in check.

  20. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED 13 Jun 2008, 11:20pm

    Padriag Moran – you’re obviously a prime example of why people disdain chuckleheaded defenders of the DUP and their Tory cousins.

    If you can add figures, and try to bear with me because this may get a little complex, then add the 58% who support real same sex marriage to the 26% who support the second class version called civil unions or civil partnership. (Pause while he adds.) (A longer pause while he counts fingers and toes to doublcheck.)

    When I asked Wikipedia they said that figure equals 84 percent, which is the figure I talked about. And thanks for repeating my description of Ireland as the Republic. Hopefully the Republic will someday include the English occupied north. Hopefully the colonists descendents will learn that the DUP and the Tories are their enemy, not the Irish.

    Whether or not FF and FG and the Greens are rightwing is a matter or perspective. To leftists anywhere in the world they most certainly are because of their opposition to GLBT equality.


    Patrick – I’m afraid that if you’re for Irish independence, economic democracy and reunification you’re in for a ride. DUP supporters and Tories alike are going to try to drive you off with insults and slanders, while ignoring your politics. No matter how many names they use their comments are written from the same script and use the same phraseology. They’ll accuse you of being nuts, or trying to undermine the centuries of warm and neighborly relations between the English and the Irish (hah!), of bing angry, of hating the English and, when really desperate, accuse you of the vile crime of Wikipediaism.

    This same ‘vilification’ crew goes after anyone who supports same sex marriage equality, asylum for Iranians fleeing the ayatollah, union strikers and whatever. If it’s good for working people they’re against it. You’ll never hear a civil argument from them, just Tory-DUP trash talk. (They hate being called Tories – it hits too close to home, which is in England, NOT in Ireland.)

    Just ignore them and keep on posting if you have something to say. All the decent people who post here will welcome your comments, even if they disagree with them. Except for the Tory-DUP types we all learn from each other by being respectful of each other. Welcome aboard, Patrick!

  21. William - Dublin 14 Jun 2008, 1:28am

    Padraig, welcome to the club… you’ve been branded by loony Billy Bolshevik. All his mails are usually uneducated stupidity wrapped in silly insults, as you can see from the above. Lets see how you faired:

    1. Bill called you a silly name – CHECK
    2. Bill made a sweeping political statement in the style of Leonid Brezhnev – CHECK
    3. Bill called you a conservative (This one is quite popular) – CHECK
    4. Bill insists you are not who you say you are. e.g. by saying you are someone else, or not of the nationality you claim to be (also a popular one in Bill’s limited arsenal) – CHECK
    5. Bill calls you a second stupid name, normally by means of an obscure reference or archaic term – CHECK
    6. Bill says your naive or blind – CHECK
    7. Bill accuse you of being in league with the BNP/Tory/Republican Party or some other conspiratorial conservative party – CHECK
    8. Bill says, in his infinite wisdom, that you’re and enemy of the supporters of gay equality, or simply you’re not gay – CHECK

    Well done Padriag, you have received 8 out of 8!

    Don’t worry, most of us on this site have been insulted by this left wing nut job. It might interest you to know that he spends his time on US sites too, accusing gay activist that don’t agree with him of being paedophiles, lies regularly about his so called education, and promotes his silly one-man communist society… which is as impotent as he is. Pay no attention to him, he has many, many meds to get through before he can re-enter normal society.

  22. Padriag Moran 14 Jun 2008, 1:32am

    Thanks William for the heads up (funny mail there, by the way, all the more funnier because you seem to hit the nail on the head!)

    I had no intention of answering that muck by way of a comment from Bill, I figured out that he was as mush a nut as he was stupid. Wikipedia Irish history for retards doesn’t actually count as expertise in my book.

    It surprises me that people like this Bill moron ever get laid in life.

  23. Robinson, the word homosexual in the english dictionary means “A sexual attraction between persons of the same sex.” and not an act as such. I know of plenty of heterosexual couples who practise sodomy, Robinson does that make them an abomination in God’s eyes?
    Or will you give them a by ball because they are heterosexual and not homosexual.

  24. William,Pol, Padraig et all,
    If you cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen.You didn’t put up one point in argument to my piece, which by the way has nothing to do with wikipedia.
    Instead you resort to infantile abuse which has no foundation in fact.You cannot know after a few postings, on whom you are heaping your abuse. In no way did i intend any personal abuse on any contributer other than that which is historical fact. I’mcampaign sure i don’t need to remind you that abuse is the last refuge of the ignorant

  25. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED 15 Jun 2008, 3:47am

    In the news…..

    Northern Ireland gay groups to be honoured at Stormont reception June 13, 2008

    “A Sinn Fein member of the Northern Ireland Assembly is to host a reception for gay rights groups at Parliament Buildings.The Coalition on Sexual Orientation and the Rainbow Project will be the guests of honour at the event.

    Martina Anderson, an MLA for Foyle, told that the invitations to the reception will be co-signed by Progessive Unionist Party MLA Dawn Purvis, in a sign of cross-community support for gay rights.

    A reception was planned for September, but Ms Anderson said she decided to bring it forward to June 24th in the light of the controversy surrounding her Assembly colleague Iris Robinson.

    Mrs Robinson, who is also a DUP MP and the wife of the First Minister, said on Radio Ulster last week that homosexuality is disgusting, loathsome, nauseating, wicked and vile and claimed gay people can be “cured.”

    “I wanted to ensure that wider society knew that the nonsense that came out of Iris is not reflective of the vast majority of politicians or citizens,” Ms Anderson told

    “Her Cruella de Vil outburst caused wide offence and hurt to those of us that want to create an equal society.

    “As (Sinn Fein) spokesperson on equality and human rights I felt offended and enraged. Coming out of 40 years of conflict, we will not tolerate targeting of any group.” Ms Anderson said that all 108 MLAs would be invited to the reception and Mrs Robinson and her DUP colleagues should attend. “They have a lot to learn and people learn by listening and reflecting.I am hoping they will attend the event and even hope that Iris will.”

    A spokesman for the First Minister failed to respond to a specific query from earlier this week about whether Mr Robinson will meet with gay groups.


    Bonehead math for Conservatives…..

    Irish civil partnerships to exclude parental rights
    Pink news – April 2, 2008

    “Gay rights groups in Ireland have expressed disappointment that the government may not extend parental rights to same-sex couples as part of new legislation to legally recognise lesbian and gay relationships.

    On Monday MarriagEquality, a group formed to campaign for full civil marriage, released the details of a poll it commissioned which shows the number of Irish people who support partnerships only has fallen from 33% to 26%.

    MarriagEquality’s Grainne Healy said that reports about the new civil partnerships indicate they do not give gay couples the same rights as married heterosexuals.

    “While any legislation in this area is welcome, if these reports are true, it is of great concern that gay and lesbian people will continue not to have the same rights as heterosexual couples,” she told The Irish Times.

    Overall 84% of those polled support either gay marriage or civil partnerships.

  26. William - Dublin 15 Jun 2008, 4:48pm

    Patrick you said “your corrupt sad little Free State”, an small and petty insult to all Irish people, followed by “sure I don’t need to remind you that abuse is the last refuge of the ignorant”

    Perhaps a taste of your own advice would reduce the hypocrisy of your comments. This petty insult against the “free state” (correctly called the Republic of Ireland, thanks) is “historical fact”, is it?

    Bill, how many time do I have to remind you that the Tory party is in England, not Ireland. Calling an Irish person a Tory is just stupid. Now run along and find a real map. Oh, and nice job on the cutting and pasting, I’m sure Padraig thinks your real smart now.

    What a complete muppet you are Perude… your an affront to gay people, gay rights, and the right of all people to speak their opinion.

  27. William………(1)Did the 26 counties not
    cut six of Ulsters counties loose after the war of independence and leave us to the mercy of the British and Unionists and set up what was then known as the Free State.
    (2) Did C j Haughey not tell the irish people to tighten their bootstraps as they were getting on boats and planes out of the country looking for work as he was buying £100 shirts by the dozen from Paris paid for with someone elses’ money, and also charging them departure tax out of their last few shillings of their pitiful dole.
    (3)Were the corrupt priests and bishops operating in Ireland or not?,If not where?
    (4)Did the IRA fight the war of independance or not? If not who did?
    (4) Did the “republic of ireland” not receive millions nay billions from Europe and the USA?
    If not then from where? bi mean besides the millions sent home by those same people who had to pay to leave the country ……and by the way i was one of those having to pay as i left thru Dublin.
    (5) And lastly I am Irish and as such i can if i want “insult” the Irish. Thats why the IRA fought the war of independence to give me the freedom to say as i please in my own country.
    So i wont be told b a blowin what i can or cannot say.
    Further to that be aware that i can trace my family tree all the way back to the High Kings of Ireland and beyond

    I would also like you to show me where i was historically, factually wrong and i will make it wrong if not apologize.And one more point ….Wy pick on e perceived inslt…what about the points i made…wrong or right?

  28. William……..
    (1) Did the twenty six counties, then widely known as The Irish Free State, not cut the remaining six counties loose after the war of independence and leave us to the mercy of the brits and unionists?
    (2)Did CJ Haughey not tell the people to tighten their belts as he bought £100 shirts from Paris, paid for with someone elss’ money, as they boarded boats and planes out of here in search of work? If not who did?
    (3)Did that same leader not charge those same wretches departure tax out of their last few shillings of pitiful dole? I was one of them when i departed thru Dublin. If not who did?
    (4) Was it not in your “republic of Ireland” where the corrupt priests and bishops operated their vile abuse of children? If not where and why are they still paying millions to those they abused?
    (5)Was it not in convent laundries in Dublin Galway and Limerick that young girls were put to slavery and their babies sold off to rich Americans.?
    (6) Why did you choose to attack me for perceived insults, yet ignored any or all my points.

    In conclusion, I am an Irishman and can trace my lineage all the way back to the High Kings of Ireland and beyond and will not take lectures from blowins as to whether i insult or not my fellow irish.
    That is why the IRA fought the war of give me the freedom to say as i please in my own country.
    When i insult the British ..then you can complain.
    So i reiterate; wheres the insult? Every word i have written is historical fact and can be verified by you if you take a little trip to the National Library

  29. William - Dublin 16 Jun 2008, 10:25am

    Firstly, Patrick, I will not answer your silly points after your silly “blowin” insult. Please. Best keep on your side of the border now, okay? And boo-hoo on “the mercy of the brits and unionists” comment, Jesus, grow up and move on. No wonder you are still killing each other up there. Oh, and the IRA of 1922 are in no way comparable to the IRA you guys having up there imposing their own brand of “justice” against innocent people… except in your mind. You can support terrorists all you like, but don’t expect me to.

    And now you think your a descendant of the High King’s of Ireland. Right. Of course you are. Good for you.

    Why does this site attract so many uber left/right leaning nut jobs?

  30. Padriag Moran 16 Jun 2008, 11:05am

    Patrick, you insult William (“by the sound of you you’d probably be the overseer on a horse with a whip in your hand, wise up little brit those days are im glad to say over. Your little dig at the end only goes to show the dying throes of a loser”), then you insult our country (“your corrupt sad little Free State”). So much for your sad little plea “why did you choose to attack me for perceived insults, yet ignored any or all my points”. Perceived insults? Perceived? Are you suffering from a stroke??? The answer is, as William quite rightly pointed out, you’re a hypocrite, that’s why.

    The following delightful comments by you just prove there’s something deeply wrong with you, my friend:

    – “But the day is coming and indeed may already be here when Ulster will once again rule Ireland”
    – “And i repeat you’d still be digging spuds on a landlords estate but for the IRA”
    – “I am an Irishman and can trace my lineage all the way back to the High Kings of Ireland”

    Forgoe the lunatic rants, and one of us will address your deep-seated paranoia and anti-British nonsense. Being proud of being Irish, like myself and other here, does not imply being anti-British. What you are is a small minded bigot and a xenophobe, you’re living proof as to why “your” six counties should stay exactly where they are to avoid letting that archaic poison of yours into our country.

    Oh, and this is a gay site, lets keep your (and Bill’s) infantile rants off here, yeah? With your racist attitude to other nationalities, you have no right to be asking to be respected for being gay.

  31. Ciaran McMahon 16 Jun 2008, 11:12am

    “Being proud of being Irish, like myself and other here, does not imply being anti-British.”

    Well said, Padriag.

    William, don’t bother with this Patrick guy, sounds like he and Bill Perdue might be the same person…. god knows, they both sounds nutty enough to be.

    And what’s a “RainbowRED” anyway? Can someone please explain this to me. No website. No reference anywhere to an address. No indication as to what they do or stand for. Is this one man’s nutty little political party or something? No one serious would purport to be in an organisation like this unless it had a presence of some kind.

  32. Its sad that it seems that some people in Ireland are still doing the anti-British thing. How can we ask for equality when we’re not willing to show compassion for past wrongs and respect for other identities? Patrick, we can’t hold a grudge forever.

    William, Padraig, Pol, I hear what you’re saying, but maybe you should both back off a little, there’s no point in polarising the issues, we’re all on the same side are we not?

  33. William - Dublin 17 Jun 2008, 9:47am

    Linda, you’re quite right, of course. Then I apologies to Patrick for any offence I may have caused, he’s entitled to his opinion no matter how I disagree with it. I am big enough of a person to be able to say sorry when its deserved.

    And Ciaran, yep, we’ve ALL asked about this seedy little club that Bill belongs to, RainbowRed. He’s never responded, and any research I have done has only indicated he’s a one man political party claiming to support some Red Ocktober styled revolution of gay proletarians. NO website. No address. No reference to it anywhere outside postings like his rants above.

    I know, it all sounds insane, doesn’t it? Well, Bill sounds insane, so ergo his stupid little organisation would most likely be the pipe dream of one nut job. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  34. Wiliam.If you read my posts again i think you will find that none of my points were my opinion as you put it All are readily verifiable facts which you can look up online or in the National Library in Dublin.
    I do not set out to insult anyone on these MBs but you got me going with your jibe about milita
    re: the IRA.
    And i’m sorry but try as i might i cant seem to find the bit where you said i insulted the British? In deference to Linda i will apologize to you if you were insulted.
    re my bit about being descended from the high kings………I can trace my ancestry to Nial of the Nine Hostages in the fifth century…….Tell me how that makes me a nut case and perhaps I was a little wistful in my assertion that Ulster will once again rule Ireland but if your history lessons serve you well you will know that Ulster did indeed rule ireland for most of a thousand years before M

  35. William… I would ask you to read thru my points again. I think you will find that all are verifiable facts which you can check out online or at the National Library of Ireland.
    Is it not a sad fact that they will soon need a dedicated bus service from Leinster House to Mountjoy prison if Mahon has his way.

    Try as i might i cannot find any part of my post that could be construed as anti British in any way.As someone else pointed out being a proud Irishman doesn’t necessarily make me anti British any more than say Iraqis or Indians or Africans or Scots or Afganis or French would be.

    While i may have gotten a little carried away with my assertion that Ulster would once again rule Ireland im sure that if your history lessons serve you well, you will know that Ulster did indeed rule Ireland and large part of Britain (Dal Riadagh)for most of the two thousand years until the McMorrows invited Strongbow over around 1150 to help them win the high Kingship which they were trying to usurp.The rest is history as they say hereabouts.
    RE my claim to kinship with the High Kings of Ireland….I can trace my ancestry back to Nial of The Nine Hostages, who was High King in the fifth century.Why does that seem nutty to you. I’m sure there are many more who can do so. We weren’t all killed off by the manufactured Famine you know.
    I am rightly very proud of my ancestry.
    However in deference to Linda i will apologize to anyone who may have taken offense at anything iv written.

    To Ciaran McMahon
    I am not Bill Perdue and i have a right to make the points i did …see above.
    Did it not occur to you that RainbowRed may be nothing more than a non de plume plucked out of thin air while setting up a blog or MB posting.
    By the way my paternal Grandma was aMcMahon…..

    And to P Moron………
    Where did i write anti British nonsense?….You only see and respond to what is in your own head……..Don’t put words in mine that were not there.
    And whats this stroke jibe about.Did it also not occur to your tiny mind that there may be stroke victims out there who would be very distressed at your jibe….Think on if you can before you hurt people.

    To everybody who reads and or posts on this MB:
    Are we not losing sight of the original point of our postings……….the vile Mrs Robinson who was reprimanded this weekend by “one of her own” one Rev Norman Hamilton, who mediated in the Holy Cross disgrace.
    Reverend Hamilton urged the north of Irelands “first lady” to “read her biblical scriptures again” after she labeled gays an abomination and sick.He said “I think i would invite Mrs Robinson to consider the scriptures which talk about the need for careful language in dealing with people”
    “There is a difference between political discourse,academic discourse and the language of relationships where there is pain,distress and fear.Please use this link to register your disapproval…..

  36. Whats the story here I spent ages writing a post and thought id lost it so wrote it again and finished it The weird squiggly writing that you have to copy means nowt aparrantly.

  37. Hugh from Glasgow 20 Jun 2008, 9:44am

    Patrick: Yawn!

    Boo frickin hoo, lets all feel sorry for the north. Someone should cut that 6 counties off the rest of island, and push it into the Atlantic… along with its whiny and angry inhabitants. Get. Over. It.

    Thank god the rest of Ireland is there to give the Irish a good name.

  38. I didn’t hear anyone asking the Scots for sympathy.
    and the North of Ireland does not ask for sympathy from anyone least of all the Scots who lay down under the yoke of tyranny.

  39. Recommended reading for all the god freaks out there



  40. i fort god loved evry one also it acualys says in the bibles that racim and prduece is wrong if shes useing bible quotes

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