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Gay MEP slams Daily Mail report as “inaccurate and highly misleading”

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Reader comments

  1. interesting, but not surprising, that the Daily Hate chose the term “gay lover” rather than the legal designation “civil partner”. It makes it sound illicit and a little shameful – like “mistress”.

    When will this rag be dragged into the 21st century?

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 11 Jun 2008, 11:26am

    apYrs, typical of right wing rags like the Daily Mail. The term “gay lover” is proof that many straights in our society don’t take partnerships seriously for all their supposed equal status with marriage. Its why several countries among other reasons abandoned them. Here in the states, when American gay couples legally marry in Canada or Massachusetts, they are never referred to as gay lovers in the press or other media, but as married partners, never gay lovers. One can sometimes see photos of married gay couples’ announcements appear in the New York Times, one of the nations most prestigious newspapers. Nobody denigrates them and nobody write letters of protest to the editor. The British tabloid press is notorious for yellow journalism, I believe it was the inventor if I’m not mistaken.

  3. Aside from the Mail’s sensationalism, MPs who bring family members into their team are playing with fire. Is Mr Cottingham running a PR ‘firm’ or is he just a freelance consultant. If the former is the case, how can he have the time to do two very demanding jobs? It’s a fair question: those who elect public servants do have a right to know that they are employing the pest people possible for their team. And he owes it to the gay community whom he has spoken out so well for. Given the shocking waste of money and corruption that has riddled the EU over the years, and the way whistle blowers are silenced, these are valid, if uncomfortable questions.

  4. Yep, usual “you can’t question me – I’m gay” line. Bash the Daily Mail, not the crooks who have the cheek to say they represent us. Payroll services – for 6 people? Wish I could do that for 30 grand!

    It would be lovely if I could employ my boyfriend, brothers, niece, mum, mates and anyone else to “research” for me, all on the taxpayer. It is saps like us who are working their socks off to pay the more and more tax we pay (we’ve just past the tax free day last week) to have these “honourable members” work at making our lives easier! Couldn’t make it up

    Remember boys, it’s all our taxes, straight or gay paying for this lot. Has anyone ever gone out for a night in Brussells? it’s like university all over again, on our money.

    From Brussells to Strasburg, what a joke, what a jamboree. And these MEPs have the brass neck to talk about cutting down emissions from travel

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 11 Jun 2008, 7:08pm

    Julian, the point is, Cashman’s sexual orientation should not be relevant, even if the story were true. When do we ever read the orientation of straight politicians mentioned, why does the gutter press have to bring it up when the target under investigation is a gay man or woman? What has sexual orientation got to do with how we do or don’t do our jobs? I see no relevance or necessity for it.

  6. Joe Johnston 12 Jun 2008, 8:52am

    How can Michael Cashman possibly need a ‘Personnel and Payroll Manager’ for what must be a tiny staff.
    It’s irrelevant whether the Daily Mail are ‘picking on him’ when the fact is that it’s obvious that Cashman, like everyone else on the Brussels Gravy Train is milking it for everything going – and doing so out of the pockets of a British Public finding it increasingly difficult to pay their day-to-day bills. I deeply resent Cashman’s hand in my pocket just as much as the worst of the other parties – his gay status is irrelevant in this and I’m not impressed, either, by his claim that everything is ‘within the rules’ and openly decalred – the rules allow MEP’s and Euro bureaucrats an income (including ‘expenses’) that those who pay their wages can only dream about. Cashman’s as mucky as the rest gay or not.

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