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Catholics take out ads in “battle for America’s soul”

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  1. so we can expect teh church to pre-emptively annul marriages where children cannot be produced?!

    Typical RC facisctic interference in the democratic process of a secular state.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 10 Jun 2008, 6:12pm

    apYrs, so the RC church says…”cannot fulfil the primary purpose of marriage,”which is to give birth and raise children.”

    Well, my advice to the RC church and others who oppose marriage equality to demand fertility tests of both intended parties who wish to marry. If one fails, they should be barred from marrying. Similarly, if a straight couple wants to marry but intends not to have children, they should suffer the same fate.

    The C of E would be in agreement with the RC church stand of course, lets not lose sight of that. That’s why we have no right to marry in the UK for those of us who want it. Thank goodness Spain had the guts to stand up to the state Roman cult, unprecedented anywhere as did Belgium and to a lesser extent Holland.

  3. The advertising director of the LA Times went on to say that he would NOT have accepted an advertisement submitted by a racist, anti-semitic or anti-Catholic group. He didn’t explain why he feels that accepting a two page homophobic ad from a homophobic group is different.

    There’s probably a good reason why he didn’t explain; there’s no good explanation that wouldn’t show him to be disingenuous, biased and without credibility.

  4. I found it intersting to go to their website (linked in the article) and their poll, “What do you think about the California Supreme Court decision, forcing the legalization of same-sex “marriage?”

    Right now, 80% of respondents chose “It is a welcome step for human rights.”

  5. It is a welcome step for human rights

  6. I’m really surprised that the TFP only focuses on homosexuality and hasn’t embraced the bible’s advocacy for slavery and stonings for crimes instead of prisons. There are many components in the bible that are conveniently ignored but suddenly homosexuality is a target – can it be because that is the only remaining group in the United States against whom discrimination is still legal?

    The Republican Party, as so firmly supported by the Catholic church, must be so befuddled over the conflict from that civil war mistake abolishing American slavery when they now see they must be on the leading edge of fighting *for* discrimination against loving gay couples.

    The other thing that confuses me is, given the claim that marriage is only for straight people to procreate, why do they allow the marriage of infertile couples. That is a puzzling conflict.

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